• Christmas Ringtones Free

    Christmas Ringtones Free




    Christmas Ringtones presents free Christmas music and sounds you can use as your ringtone, alarm or notification sound. Tons of high quality free Christmas and Holiday themed ringtones and music play at the push of a button. Easily set your favorite as a Christmas ringtones. Tracks included are...

  • Christmas Notification Sounds

    Christmas Notification Sounds




    Free Christmas Notification ringtones and sounds, perfect for Christmas text message sounds... Christmas Notification Sounds features 45 free ringtones that celebrate Christmas, Holiday and New Year's. These free ringtones and sounds are the perfect length for notifications for a Christmas...

  • 3D Ringtones 4D

    3D Ringtones 4D




    Press and hold for features Set a ringtone to a contact, as the default ringtone, notification or alarm. 3D Ringtones features high definition sounds in stunning 3D and 4D you can use as a customized ringtone, notification or alarm sounds. Simply tap a button to hear it's 3D sound. Some...

  • Big Buttons Sound Effects

    Big Buttons Sound Effects




    **Now with sound looping! Long press to save sounds, it's easy! Big Button Sound Effects includes over 60 popular and funny sound effects at the touch of a button, introducing the Big Button machine. It's like carrying around a personal soundboard with sounds for all occasions. Tap any...

  • Annoying Ringtones

    Annoying Ringtones




    Annoying Ringtones features some of the most annoying sounds possible grouped together in one free easy to use application. Simply click a button to hear the sound, easily set your favorite annoying ringtone as your custom notification alarm or ringtone. - World's most Annoying Ringtones -...

  • Cartoon Sound Effects

    Cartoon Sound Effects




    Press and hold for features Set a ringtone to a contact, as the default ringtone, notification or alarm. Cartoon sound effects features funny cartoon sounds at the press of a button. Funny popular cartoon effects sure to entertain and amuse any cartoon fan, old or young. Sounds can be saved as...

  • Zombie Ringtones

    Zombie Ringtones




    Zombie ringtones features sounds of the dead at the tap of a button. All the moans, groans, brains, screams and scary music you'd expect in your favorite zombie movie. Simply tap a zombie themed button to listen to sounds of the dead. Easily set any sound as your ringtone, notification or...

  • Sound Effects

    Sound Effects




    Press and hold for features Set a ringtone to a contact, as the default ringtone, notification or alarm. This application features the most downloaded Sound effects from the web grouped together in one easy to use interface. Hundreds of sound effect ringtones. More than 100 sound effects and...

  • Scary Ringtones

    Scary Ringtones




    * Awarded "5 stars Reviewers' choice!" FileDir.com * * Top 10 App Google Play Store in six countries! * Set a scary sound to a contact, as the default ringtone, notification or alarm. Scary Ringtones features unique Scary sounds perfect for a Scary ringtone, text alert or...

  • Top 10 Lullabies

    Top 10 Lullabies




    Top 10 Lullabies features the 10 best songs to soothe your little one or keep your toddler busy. Children love pressing the screen to hear the 10 classic lullabies: ABCs London Bridge Mary Had A Little Lamb BINGO Lullaby Hush Little Baby Twinkle Twinkle Rock A Bye Baby Teapot Baa Baa...

  • Top Ten Sound Effects

    Top Ten Sound Effects




    Top 10 Sound Effects has the 10 most downloaded and usable sound effects on the market. Choose between the sounds of a cow, a boxing bell, a buzzer, a police siren, a laser gun, a shotgun, crickets, a car alarm, a fart and a loser-sound. Simply tap any button at the top of the screen to start...

  • Top Bells and Whistles

    Top Bells and Whistles




    Top Bells and Whistles is a fun application that displays an animated whistle and has 10 bell or whistle sounds to choose from. Engage your whistle by tapping one of the bell or whistle buttons and disengage the animation by tapping the screen. Choose from 5 whistles: bird, lifeguard, bomb,...

  • Amazing Science Facts

    Amazing Science Facts




    Amazing Science Facts presents some of the most interesting science facts in the universe. Ranging a broad array of science topics. Learn something new with Amazing Science Facts. Enjoy these Amazing Science facts, sure to entertain. Features: - A constantly updated database of interesting...

  • Ringtones XL

    Ringtones XL




    Download the best free ringtone app on the market, with thousands of free ringtones and sound effects to perfectly customize your phone. Easily download and set any sound as your ringtone, alarm, notification or a contact. In this app you’ll be able to seamlessly download free, high quality...

  • Flashlight Free

    Flashlight Free




    Small, light weight bright, easy to use flashlight application that doesn't require any special permissions to use. No sneaky ads, no banner ads, no kidding. - Instant on, uses camera's bright flash - No annoying sounds - No annoying ads - No special permissions - Works on 99% of...

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