• Font Studio—text on photo




    Font Studio lets you add beautiful typography to the photos you like. At the same time, combine it with elaborate filters, picture frames and artwork to help make beautiful, rich and creative photos. As soon as you share your photos on social networks, your designs will get even more praise....

  • Venus-Facebook photo editor




    "Save your most precious moments with Venus. Venus is a photo editing app that has a tremendous amount of filters, stickers and other high quality functions. Whether you are a professional personnel or a novice,its easy to make proffessional quality photos to achieve photoshop effect. A...

  • PicsFlow - Slideshow editor




    PicsFlow - Use photos to make short videos.9 free transition effects!!Maximum video length is 30 seconds!! Use PicsFlow to transform your photos and music into short videos. It only takes 3 simple steps to make videos using PicsFlow: 1. Choose photos from your albums 2. Adjust the photo play...

  • Tattoo Me Camera- Tattoo Photo




    Tattoo Me Camera is the best way to make a cool photo of you. It is also a good way to show your heart with tattoo patterns or words on your body. It is fun,fast and most importantly pain-free.Tattoo my photo with no pain. Try to have a selfie with cool tattoos. Different style of tattoo...

  • No Crop for Instagram




    With this photo editing app-"No Crop", you can post full sized photos on Instagram without cropping! No Crop-The most useful free app for Instagram. Features: - Post full sized photos on Instagram - Rotate, flip and resize photos - Add templates and the make your own collage...

  • Oscar Camera for Instagram




    Tired of normal photo to share? Normal filter ,normal feel ,normal size,with few replies and likes. Oscar is a brand new way to tell your story. Feature ▶Tell your story in a movie style ▶No crop movie pic for instagram Tip: ▶It makes a better movie style pic if you use a horizonal photo....

  • PicGrid-Photo Collage Maker




    With PicGrid you can make your photos collection into amazing collage. You can create amazing collages using tons of frames, fun stickers, wonderful filters, backgrounds and text with cool fonts, and then share your beautiful work to Instagram, Facebook ,Email etc. PicGrid-100% free and fully...

  • Insave-Download for Instagram




    Insave-Easily save and repost photos and videos from Instagram! No login!No watermark!Totally free!Just Two step,you can save photos and videos to your mobile. Main Features: 1、You can save and repost photos and videos from Instagram without login. 2、No watermark and totally free. 3、You can...

  • Collage Shape—Collage Maker




    Spend Christmas with CollageShape 1. 22 new templates; 8 Christmas themed, and 14 regular templetes. 2. Newly added ""changed background"" functions, and 20 backgrounds to choose from Collage shape provides all sorts of collage templates made up of beautiful shapes, using...

  • PicFlow - Slideshow editor




    PicFlow - Use photos to make short videos V1.01 Important update: 1. Solving the problem having different video watermark sizes and fonts when using different devices. 2. Improving the way of using filters, thus you may use different filers on each photo. 3. Added more default music, for...

  • Frame Art-Photo Frames




    Frame Art-Photo Frames is a free, fashionable, personalized & powerful photo editor. Produce your own artistic photos, make your photos more fashionable,more stand out and amazing. Main Features: 1. Fashionable styles: 36 frames, 6 kinds of style: Magazine, Poster, Simple, Retro, Girl, Art,...

  • Beauty Camera




    Beauty Camera is a free whitening and beautifying selfie camera, it makes picture editing simple and interesting! With one tap to take gorgeous photos, it makes you beautiful in a flash. Beauty Camera gives you the power to manually adjust beauty, whiteness, remove imperfections, get rid of...

  • No Crop Video for Instagram




    No Crop Video lets you post full size videos to Instagram without cropping them. Main Features: - Share complete videos No need to crop, just post your full size video on Instagram - Segment Shots Segment recorded film, supports 1:1 ratio and full screen video - Adjust length Adjust your...

  • Shapegram-Add shapes to photos




    Shapegram: We provide over 150 free shapes, and 100+ designs and background colours that can alter transparency. Add all sorts of cool and interesting new shapes to your photos, edit the ordinary into the extraordianry. Quick and easy to use, unlock the key to Instagram. Main Features: 1. 8...

  • Face2Face-funny face effects




    Its free to use this free app that changes faces just like magic,make awesome face fusion photos. Over 40 different materials to use,including: Skeletons,robots,masks,attractive women,and animals amongst others. Mix all of these together to get an effect just like photoshop. Main features: *...

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