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  • Food Combining Rules

    Food Combining Rules


    Food Combining Rules is a diet app, which explains basic principles of food combining. You want to lose weight, create a diet plan for a healthy lifestyle or build muscles? Find out Food Combining Rules first! With the Food Combining Rules app your fat will burn in a couple of weeks - it's a...

  • Diabetic Recipies

    Diabetic Recipies


    Diabetes is a really terrible disaster, but you mustn’t to deny yourself tasty food! Diabetic Recipes is a great cook book, which will help you to cook really delicious dishes for yourself, your friends or your family. Feel like a real chief and forget about a diet! Here you’ll find a great...

  • Chocolate Making

    Chocolate Making


    Chocolate Making app is a new kind of cookbook, where you can find a lot of recipes of tasty chocolate desserts and sweets! Surprise your friends and family with perfect homemade chocolate – even if you hated cooking before, you could done it without any problems! Dark Chocolate, White...

  • French Recipes

    French Recipes


    Get the French Recipes app and enjoy delicious French meals! French Recipes cooking book is an amazing cooking guide which will let you tap into the world of French cuisine. The cook book app has timer to make a cooking process easier so you won’t need to use any extra-app. The French Recipes...

  • Bread Recipes

    Bread Recipes


    Bread Recipes is bread recipes the ultimate guide for everybody, who likes baking and enjoys deliciousness of fresh baked and self made bread. Baking cookbook Bread Recipes offers you lots of baking tutorials and recipes of sweet bread, bread with cheese or meat and many other! This meals ideas...

  • Blender Recipes

    Blender Recipes




    Blender Recipes is a quick blender recipes cookbook which will teach you blender cooking basics and make you from noob to pro! Blender Recipes ebook will help you with cooking dinner or keeping your diet – download these blender tutorials on how to cook and become a blender guru. Everybody knows...

  • True Fish Recipes

    True Fish Recipes


    True Fish Recipes is a cooking book which has plenty of seafood recipes for you to cook anything you want. Download these recipes for free and try real seafood restaurants dishes at home! You can cook fish on grill, for breakfast or as a surprise for the secret birthday party. Read some cooking...

  • Popsicles Recipes

    Popsicles Recipes




    Popsicles Recipes is a cook book with plenty of ice cream recipes to cool you in a hot day. Popsicles Recipes will tell you everything about popsicles making – with fruits, sweets, chocolate, and even with vegetables, specially for vegetarians and raw food eaters. There is nothing easier than...

  • Kids Meals

    Kids Meals




    Kids Meals is a kids recipe book, where moms can find all kinds of heakthy and tasty meals for their children. In the Kids Meals cook book you'll find lots of meals suggestions, that will give your child all the necessary microelements and vitamins. Every mother knows, how important kids...

  • Kerala Recipes

    Kerala Recipes


    Kerala Recipes is a cook book with free recipes from the island Kerala, which is famous by its unique food. Kerala dishes are based on rice and coconut milk – they give the food exotic taste and amazing look. Kerala Recipes are quick and easy to cook because of the healthy organic ingredients and...

  • Vegan Recipes Book

    Vegan Recipes Book




    If you are looking for healthy food tips, Vegan Recipes Book is an app for you! It contains a huge number of healthy meal recipes. Here you will find the list of food ingredients and fresh ideas how to cook an amazing vegan meal. With Vegan Recipes Book you will be able to enjoy low calories...

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