• Baby Santa Christmas Toy Free




    Introduce your baby to Santa and get them in the Christmas spirit! The Baby Santa Christmas Toy app changes the background color automatically, plays two Christmas songs, has animated snow falling and is interactive. Tapping on Santa will vibrate the phone and you'll hear Santa exclaim,...

  • Baby Colors




    Baby Colors uses the phone's accelerometer to change the background color as you tilt the phone. Tapping the screen shifts the colors and gives a little vibration. It also comes with the "autocolors" feature, which automatically changes the background color. It's fun for baby...

  • Baby Rattle Free




    Baby Rattle Free is the ultimate baby app! It's great for playtime and a lifesaver when you've got a fussy baby in a car, store or restaurant. It's simple to use and has great features: * The background color automatically transitions from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo...

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