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Beat Maker

Easily create drum beats on your mobile or tablet! This app includes a sequencer, pads, level controls and even a bass synthesizer! The sequencer includes volume controls and adjustable bpm (tempo). You can also adjust the pitch and the pan of each individual note! Features: * Volume / pitch / pan control * Sequencer * Drum pads with pitch wheel…

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Download Typewriter Typewriter icon

Dare to be creative with this virtual typewriter! Be inspired by its sound and feel, experiencing how many great writers created their masterpiece. Share your writing on any social media platform installed on your device (i.e. Instagram, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Gmail). This app is not related to the populair Hanx Writer on iOS, but does offer some of th…

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Pesten! is de Nederlandse app die je moet hebben! Meer dan 100.000 spelers gingen jou voor! Speel het kaartspel pesten online of tegen de computer. Leuk voor tussendoor of onderweg. Bevat een uitgebreide uitleg van de spelregels. Veel plezier!

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Sprite Maker

Because of all the good feedback, I've created a google group for sharing idea's and sprites: With Sprite Maker you can make small sprite animations on the go! Anyone who loves retro games will have fun creating their own sprites and game developers can seize every moment, spriting anytime and any…

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Rock Guitar

Play virtual guitar on your mobile or tablet! This app was made for soloing, including 9 backing tracks to jam with. Features: -Clean / Overdrive knob -Play with a slide -Bend note's by tilting phone -Let note's ring -Sweep picking -Scale the neck -Vibrate -Tips / Facts Keywords: Rock guitar, Virtual guitar, Jam tracks, Pocket guitar, El…

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Download Galgje! Galgje! icon

Galgje! is een van de leukste galgje spelletjes met veel woorden, meerdere categorieën en leuke animaties. Kies uit Dieren, Beroepen, Voedsel, Steden en 5000+ populaire woorden. Upload je score naar een globale scorelijst. Volledig gratis en van Nederlandse makelij. 50.000+ spelers gingen u voor!

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Vinyl Player

Vinyl player lets you add an amount of hiss to the sound to emulate a record player. It also features a graphical album display that automatically shows the albums on your phone. You can also add more bass and use a stereo widener to enhance the listening experience. Tip: Click on the record to switch between record view and cover art view! This…

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Osc Synth

Create your own retro sounds and tweek the parameters as you play. Choose from sine, saw or square waves. Annother key feature is the keyboard, which a scale can be applied to. This way you'll never have to play a false note! Powered by Pure Data (sound synthesis) and Libgdx (graphics)

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Beat maker II

Create professional drum beats with Beat Maker II. Apply effects (modulation, delay, reverb, eq, compressor, bit crusher), attack, decay, volumes, grooves. Export wave files to share or to load in your favourite digital audio workstation. Great to work out an idea on the go! This app is a must-have if you like desktop software like Fruity Loops. Ha…

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Download Hangman! Hangman! icon

Hangman is a game for all ages. Guess each letter before the hangman is completely drawn. Your score will increase with each correct word, but will decrease with each wrong letter! Each category contains 125 words and the complete list contains over 3000! If you have any sugestions, then send an e-mail or visit the web blog.

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