• Typewriter




    Dare to be creative with this virtual typewriter! Be inspired by its sound and feel, experiencing how many great writers created their masterpiece. Share your writing on any social media platform installed on your device (i.e. Instagram, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Gmail). This app is not related to the...

  • Vinyl Player




    Vinyl player lets you add an amount of hiss to the sound to emulate a record player. It also features a graphical album display that automatically shows the albums on your phone. You can also add more bass and use a stereo widener to enhance the listening experience. Tip: Click on the record to...

  • Guess The Question




    Guess The Question is gebaseerd op de bekende EO programma 'That's The Question'. Vergroot je algemene kennis met 300+ quizvragen en strijd tegen je vrienden met de online scoreboard (Scoreloop). Boven in beeld zie je de hoofdvraag. Het is de bedoeling deze vraag te achterhalen. Dit...

  • Beat Maker II Lite




    Create professional drum beats with Beat Maker II. Apply effects (modulation, delay, reverb, eq, compressor, bit crusher), attack, decay, volumes, grooves. Great to work out an idea on the go! This app is a must-have if you like desktop software like Fruity Loops. Have fun and be creative! This...

  • Beat maker II




    Create professional drum beats with Beat Maker II. Apply effects (modulation, delay, reverb, eq, compressor, bit crusher), attack, decay, volumes, grooves. Export wave files to share or to load in your favourite digital audio workstation. Great to work out an idea on the go! This app is a...

  • 5.0

    Beat Maker




    Beat Maker is a pattern-based digital audio workstation

  • Jumpy Frog 3D




    Jumpy Frog is a fun 3D game with a simple objective: Jump as far as possible without landing in the water. Some objects are challenging, others will help you. After a few games you will have figured it out. Spend the coins you collect in the upgrades screen to achieve an even higher score. Invite...

  • Galgje!




    Galgje! is een van de leukste galgje spelletjes met veel woorden, meerdere categorieën en leuke animaties. Kies uit Dieren, Beroepen, Voedsel, Steden en 5000+ populaire woorden. Upload je score naar een globale scorelijst. Volledig gratis en van Nederlandse makelij. 50.000+ spelers gingen u voor!

  • Super Chaos XY Pad




    Inspired by Korg's Kaoss pad, this app allows you to add effects to white noise or microphone input. Effects include Band Pass, Ring Modulation, Delay and a Comb Filter, which can be routed to the x, y or x+y coordinates. The screen lights up to show the average power output. Check out the...

  • Pesten!




    Pesten! is de Nederlandse app die je moet hebben! Meer dan 100.000 spelers gingen jou voor! Speel het kaartspel pesten online of tegen de computer. Leuk voor tussendoor of onderweg. Bevat een uitgebreide uitleg van de spelregels. Veel plezier!

  • Virtual Shaker




    This app combines sound, physics and graphics to create a natural sounding shaker. Move your finger across the screen to move the shaker. This app was made as a submission for a Final Project for Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps. It incorperates multiple...

  • Rock Guitar




    Play virtual guitar on your mobile or tablet! This app was made for soloing, including 9 backing tracks to jam with. Features: -Clean / Overdrive knob -Play with a slide -Bend note's by tilting phone -Let note's ring -Sweep picking -Scale the neck -Vibrate -Tips / Facts Keywords: Rock...

  • Osc Synth




    Create your own retro sounds and tweek the parameters as you play. Choose from sine, saw or square waves. Annother key feature is the keyboard, which a scale can be applied to. This way you'll never have to play a false note! Powered by Pure Data (sound synthesis) and Libgdx (graphics)

  • Sprite Maker II




    This application will allow you to easily make small sprite animations on the go. Anyone who loves retro games will enjoy creating and animating custom sprites. Tools: Pencil, brush, bucket fill, rectangle, eyedropper Fuctions: Add, delete, copy, paste, flip, undo, redo Colors: 128 colors from...

  • Sprite Maker




    Because of all the good feedback, I've created a google group for sharing idea's and sprites: With Sprite Maker you can make small sprite animations on the go! Anyone who loves retro games will have fun creating their own sprites and game...

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