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Quicky for Facebook

This application give you a fast and easy way to * post statuses * post websites links * posts photos and albums to your wall (the only one that will post them to your wall and not only to an album) * browse your previously posted statuses/websites/photos * see your friends comments on each post and comment yourself * see how many likes did your p…

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Spanish Teacher

Learn Spanish in an easy and fun way. With the most commonly used 500 words in Spanish this application let select how many Spanish words you want to learn per day and we will help you memorize them. The app support the following features: * Lean 1/5/10 new Spanish word per day * Each word comes with a sentence where the word is been used * TTS f…

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Download Wiki Trivia Wiki Trivia icon
Wiki Trivia

* Please send us any questions, suggestions, categories requests, etc... you may have * Learn on new thing every day. Wiki Trivia is an educational game. You can browse questions based on wikipedia articles or you could set a daily pop up question from the pile. This game will suggest the wikipeida corresponding article whenever you failed to an…

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Download Baby Tube Baby Tube icon
Baby Tube

Baby Tube is a nice application to install and give your little kid to play with. It has the top 250 watched on YouTube baby songs where your kid can browse, listen and learn new things. The app support: * Browse by popularity * See recently watched videos * Save videos for favorite list * chose HD/SD quality (works on most devices for videos wit…

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Download Speak Speak icon

+v2.11 New! added top 100 books direct list to convert directly to audio books / just save as text and read! +v2.01 New! can save full web pages, online books, text files into audio books! convert full text into audio books! +can play full text books! - will text to speech them! In web browser, share page --> Speak will speak the web page! Copy…

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Download Sleep Mode Sleep Mode icon
Sleep Mode

Sleep mode adds a small widget button to your home screen. When pressed you activate/deactivate the sleep mode. In sleep mode you can configure to silence your phone volume for phone calls and for notifications sounds (like SMS). You can also configure the app to send automatic reject message to people that calls you or texts you while you are in…

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Download Backup2Sim Backup2Sim icon

****************** Holidays sale!!! ***************** 50% disscount in black friday and cyber monday weekend! v2.7.6 updated to support android 2.1,2.2 Backup2Sim is an application that will: 1. Allow you to clean your sim. 2. Backup contacts from your google account to your sim card. 3. Backup contacts from a csv file placed on mobile sd card…

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Download APK Backup APK Backup icon
APK Backup

****************** Holidays sale!!! ***************** 50% disscount in black friday and cyber monday weekend! APK Backup will backup all available to be backed up applications on your mobile. This means that unless the apk (app installed) is locked this app will backup this apk (application) and you can restore it after factory reset or if you…

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Download Attachments Auto Downloader Attachments Auto Downloader icon
Attachments Auto Downloader

new year sale!!! 50% disscount in black friday and cyber monday weekend! Automatically download your GMail attachments to your sd card. This application listens to new emails arriving with new attachments and automatically does all the processing of downloading the attachments to your SD_CARD/gmail_attachments folder. Note that only attachments f…

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Download Backup from Facebook Pro Backup from Facebook Pro icon
Backup from Facebook Pro

backup your facebook pics to /sdcard/facebook_backup pro version also backup photos you are tagged in and download all your friends comments in txt files! Having lot of pictures in facebook? do you want to download them? this app will scan all your facebook folders and download all your pictures to your sdcard in folders!

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