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  • Michael Jackson Tribute 1

    Michael Jackson Tribute 1




    Share your memories... This application will entertain you with the amazing Michael Joseph Jackson's photos and one of his greatest success Billie Jean.. This slide show is a tribute to the king of pop...

  • Weird Slide Show

    Weird Slide Show




    Weird Slide shows you funny pictures of disturbingly pathetic people, animals, events and things around the world like the tree woman, the grass car, toilets for geek, the fat giraffe, the incredible pierced man... Some dumbass, some nice images, nice comments authorized only, smile & enjoy

  • Mothers Day

    Mothers Day




    Mother's Day is one of those holidays mobiles - like Easter - the date changes every year. With this application, learn the date of the celebration of mothers everywhere.

  • Science Fiction Sounds

    Science Fiction Sounds




    Science Fiction Sounds is an application which you used to hear in great science fiction movies like space ship, laser, ufo, alien... This amazing application help you to make joke with friends at night...

  • Amazing Lightning

    Amazing Lightning




    Lightning is the most spectacular element of a thunderstorm. Thunder is good, thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does the work. This slide shows you some pictures which capture both the beauty and immense power of this element of nature. Hope that you will enjoy this application...

  • Funny Cows

    Funny Cows




    Have you ever see a cow riding a motorcycle or a cow jumping? If not, watch this slide show. This application also shows you other funny pictures of cows. Hope that you will enjoy this slide show...

  • Funny Dogs

    Funny Dogs




    Welcome to Funny Dogs. This slide shows you amazing and funny pictures of dogs like smoking dog, like dog riding bicycle, like dog surfing etcs. Hope that you will enjoy this application...

  • Hear National Anthems

    Hear National Anthems




    Want to hear National Anthems ? You'll have 12 icons, when you click on them you will hear an anthem from a country. Have fun with this app. Permissions are used for the ad system, no malware guaranteed.

  • Military Humor

    Military Humor




    Humor has always been a part of military life. Outside the military, humor about the services can be an acknowledgement of the special nature of the military community and how much civilians owe to those who serve. This application shows you some of the humors of the military. Hope that you...

  • Hear TV series music 2

    Hear TV series music 2




    It's so cool to hear some old TV series music. You'll get 12 icons, when you tap on an icon you'll get a tv series music. Easy and free, enjoy. Permissions are used for the ad system, no malware guaranteed.

  • Relax Slide Show

    Relax Slide Show




    How to Relax, ease tension and stress.. This slideshow application will help you to relax and low tension. Get your mind off the things that normally stress you out and travel with these beautiful photos...

  • Stop Smoking

    Stop Smoking




    Quitting smoking can be difficult, but help is available for those who want to quit. This slide shows how smoking affects our lungs, our families and leads us to death. By looking at this slide show, you will definitely stop smoking.

  • Funny Pictures

    Funny Pictures




    Welcome to our funny pictures slide show.. It's one of the best funny, cool and crazy pictures application with ant stealing, dog cleaning, cruel dentist, Hawaii's dinner, etcs ... Enjoy it..

  • Weapons Strike

    Weapons Strike




    New version Assault rifles + guns + tanks !! The benefit of this app is that you can hold the phone like a gun, point and fire without looking at your screen, because you tap on a big picture. App is free, ad-based, send nice comments ! Thank you and have fun !

  • The Beatles

    The Beatles




    Welcome to the Beatles Slide Show. The Beatles were a rock and pop group formed in Liverpool,England in 1960 who became one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of popular music.This application shows the greatest of the Beatles group in the world of...

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