• Atlantis - Vegas Slot Machine




    Atlantis is a brand new 5 reel Vegas Style Slot Machine. It offers multiple ways to wager, whilst at the same time providing various interactive features. The game is designed around the lost city of Atlantis theme. We have created a visually appealing slot, with various animations that donít...

  • Vegas Slots Live 3D Wallpaper




    Enjoy this awesome 3D Las Vegas sign rotate as a live wallpaper on your phone. A must have for any Vegas fan. Must see it in action to appreciate. Enjoy!

  • Valentine's Day Live Wallpaper




    Add a little extra excitement this Valentine's Day with this beautiful live 3D Valentine's Wallpaper. A must have for any Valentine's Day fan. Must see it in action to appreciate the Red 3D Heart rotating on your Android device as a live wallpaper. After downloading, to install, go...

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