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    Motivate Employees To Perform!

    Motivating your people is relatively straight forward if you do it the right way. However a lot of managers are failing in mainly two areas 1. Using same approach to all employees 2. Not taking enough action to motivate Are you as a manager good enough at motivating your employees? This app will support you in becoming the dream manager your emplo…

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    Relationship Companion

    Is your relationship loosing that initial feeling of love and excitement? Can you feel the love fading away from your relationship? Have routines taken over your relationship? You know that a healthy relationship requires investment but you keep putting it off. If you look back on the last year, could you have invested more in your relationship?…

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    Minimalism - a practical guide

    Minimalism has experienced an exponential interest in the recent years. More and more are finding the simple and pragmatic lifestyle of minimalism a great way to counter the stress in society today. * NEW * Get the full e-book here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IHF83SQ It only takes a look at the reported benefits of minimalism to understand why.…

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    Employee Motivation - ProGuide

    Professional motivation advice at your fingertips This is a professional app for managers. It cannot replace seminars or quality books on the subject. But if that is not possible - it is a cheap alternative. Are you in charge of a group or team of workers that needs motivation? Are you too busy to read books and go to seminars on the subject? An…

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