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Rap Music Videos

Featuring ground breaking industry changing Rap. These rap song features topics and subject that fans can relate to instead of your typical sex,drugs,violent rap that sucks. This is a new generation of rap for the intellects and youth who want to expand there minds.

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Rap Diss Tracks

Top 10 Best Rap Diss Track from Reh Dogg 10. Reh Dogg Diss O.M.G. 9. WTF 8. I Won"t Comply! 7. So you didn"t get my text message 6. Say my name 5. Don"t put your hands on me 4. Slob on my Knob 3. F.O.B. 2. Food-stamp families 1. Click Click Pow All songs can be found in his Music Store:

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Top 20 Reggae Dancehall Chart

This is the R.D.E. Reggae Charts top 20 Reggae Dancehall List. For more songs you can visit Top 20: 1. Sing praises, Halleluiah 2. Times are hard 3. Totally depressed 4. Problems 5. No cheat pon woman 6. Kill New World Order 7. Call out meh name 8. Can I get a hell yeah 9. Close friends disappeared 10. Dangerous…

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Lyrical Genius

Your perfect book to learning more about the lyrical genius mind. Over 100 lyrics to sink your chops in to.

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Pull your Pants Up!

Educate yourself on the origin of sagging pants. We're constantly being asked, "Why the name, Pull Up Your Pants?" Well, it's not because we're not hip. It's about education. It's about self-respect. It's about making good choices.

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Reh Dogg YouTube Channel

Prepare to be entertained for hours and hours. Reh Dogg's channel have music videos,talk shows,short films,and other entertaining videos.

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Download Why must I cry Mixtape Comp. Why must I cry Mixtape Comp. icon
Why must I cry Mixtape Comp.

Ten versions of the famous "Why must I cry" song that entertain and touched many hearts and souls all around the world. buy songs at Compilation list: Why must I cry Mixtape Mix Why must I cry Android Remix Why Must I Cry TripSlop Remix Why must I cry 12 Raita 12 Mix Why must I cry Cover-Goodman Julio Why mu…

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Download Popular hand signs origin Popular hand signs origin icon
Popular hand signs origin

The "El Diablo" hand sign often is con-fused with the deaf hand signal of the phrase, "I love you." While at first this appears an odd resemblance, we register an "ahh, I get it!" emotion when we discover that the person who invented, or created, the hand sign system for the deaf, Helen Keller, was herself an occultist…

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Sandy Hook Citizens Journalism

We do the job that mainstream media should be doing. They seem to be on board with certain agendas so they happily go along with the narrative of the Government. They repeatedly lie to the American people and too many of us don't ask the difficult questions. When we do they try to mark us as extreme. Since when is it extreme to have a mind of y…

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Download I Won't Comply! I Won't Comply! icon
I Won't Comply!

Dancehall reggae political statement to the Obama administration focusing on Obamacare. 1.Tell deh people 03:37 2.Hum drum 03:04 3.Dangerous times 02:54 4.Engine,Engine # 9 02:40 5.It's only love 03:13 6.World Government 03:04 7.Walk away 03:32 8.One more try 02:34 9.Nannie 03:13 10.Wild meh wild 03:30 11.Meh love you 02:2…

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Short Cheesy Films

If you're into dark twisted cheesy films then you'll love the twisted short films we have.

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