Reinhard Alischer

  • Tip Worldcup 14 Brazil

    Tip Worldcup 14 Brazil




    TipCup 2014 The planner for the soccer world championship in 2014 in Brazil. All plays! Results are updated daily They can tip on every single game! Group A: Brazil Mexico Cameroon Croatia Group B: Spain The Netherlands Chile Australia Group C: Colombia Greece The Ivory Coast Japan Group D:...

  • Wake On LAN

    Wake On LAN




    Start your PC remote via Wake on LAN (WOL). Your Motherboard / Ethernet-Card need to be compatible with the wake on lan protocol (most are) and you have to enable the features in your BIOS settings and your operating system. This App MAY work over the Internet but theres no guarantee. This...

  • GPGPU Benchmark

    GPGPU Benchmark




    IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT A 3D BENCHMARK. If you are not familiar with GPGPU please refer . This App test the General Purpose Computation on your GPU of your device. You can upload your results and see the...

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