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Swedish Politics

Feelin' a mite poor after a'hootin 'n' a-hollerin' 'bout that doggone Obamacare with some obese liberal walrus of a man promoting socialism? What are them crazy socialist Swedes up to anyways, ya might ask yerself? Wal, time fer some good ole schoolin' 'bout Swedish Politics! Say Howdy-ho to them eight leaders of th…

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Easy to pick up and play! A perfect game when you're waiting for the bus, riding the train, or are simply otherwise bored. Fang Jump. This is a game of timing and endurance. Tap anywhere on the screen to make the running dog jump over the obstacles. While the dog is jumping, tap the screen again and hold to make the dog spin over tricky obstac…

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Starblaze Confront

Set in a distant future where man has forsaken the shattered Earth in favor of new planets, Starblaze Confront from RelicPlay is an old-school 2D-style shooter with a musical score composed exclusively for the game by Shannon Mason. You assume the role of a lone bounty hunter, engaging in intense scenarios as you trek the star system. The game off…

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