• TV Control




    TV Control app is based on AllShare SDK, it takes control of your TV remote and web browser. This installed application and your smart TV must be on the same WiFi network. Take the control of: 1. You can switch between the channels. 2. You can shutdown and start the TV. 3. Control the TV...

  • MultiSMSDeleter




    This application is used for deleting messages from your message box. It has a option to delete multiple messages in conversation mode/single message mode. Press menu option to delete messages after selection

  • BackUp&Sync




    Backup and Sync Application allows user to back-up complete Pictures and can sync whenever wish too. Hence user doesn’t have to get worried even in case of phone gets lost / stolen /damaged. All your important Pictures will be backed up.

  • LocationRinger


    This application is based on personalization of ringer settings. This application asks the user to enter the ringer settings in a particular location. The phone ringer in the particular location will be changed according the user settings. The possible settings are Silent, Normal, and Vibrate and...

  • Horoscope




    Horoscope is a useful application, by using horoscope every day you can plan your day and stay ahead with others. The application provides daily, weekly and monthly horoscope of Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn to you.

  • Smart Player




    This application use the Allshare SDK, using this application you can see and share media gallery, video/audio of the remote device. The remote device and host device should be on the same WiFi network.

  • Cocktail List




    Enjoy the cocktails list. This app will tell you how to make a cocktails, what are the ingredients you need to make cocktails.It Includes classic recipes like Acapulco,Blue Lagoon,Margarita ,Martini etc. Key Features Up to 30 Cocktail Recipes with Mixing instructions. You can browse...

  • Alphabets for Kids


    “Alphabets for Kids” teach 26 English alphabets through real picture in friendly manner. Each selected letter comes up at the center of the screen and right side of the screen display corresponding picture. This helps kids to become familiar with Alphabets. Application Features: 1. You can play...

  • Travel Snoozer


    Tired of missing your station/stop while sleeping in the bus or train? This App can help you. With Travel Snoozer you can set up alarm that is triggered when you approach specific location. You can decide which the location and how far away from it the alarm should go off. Travel Snoozer...

  • Media Player




    This application allows user to play, Shuffle and Repeat their favorite songs with rich UI. User can add songs from their device to library. Application allows selecting favorite songs from library and adding them in player list. The current song playing is shown on top and also in notification...

  • Discogs Explorer




    Discogs Explorer is an Android application that implements Discogs API v2.0. It is not related to the official Discogs website. By using this application you can search for the releases,artists and labels in Discogs. This application provides you a smooth pagination of all the records you are...

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