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  • The Drink Card




    Many Mobile Applications talk about restaurants, traveling, lifestyle and etc but The Drink Card is the First and Only App that specialises in the Asia’s Chill-Out scene. The Drink Card Directory is where you find a listing of chill-out establishments. This listing can be filtered according to...

  • Caarly Marketplace


    It’s never fun to pore through mountains of classified ads and vehicle forums in search for accessories or parts for your specific vehicle. That’s where Caarly Marketplace comes in! It’s the fuss-free mobile marketplace for buying and selling everything car and bike related. Sort it, shoot it and...

  • Caarly




    We are Back! From the Developer of Summon Auntie, comes another nifty tool for drivers - smarter, better and evolving. Welcome to Caarly, the new driver's experience. LTA information on your vehicle Vehicle Finances Workshop Directory - Directions & Phone Numbers Parking Fines Driving...

  • Summon Auntie




    Brothers, Sisters, Uncles and Aunties. Summon Auntie has a NEW VERSION (5.0) again. HO EH! BAIK! KOPI AUNTIE say the "number 4" is not auspicious (Pantang la bro), so we skip Version 4 and head for Version 5 straight. Summon Auntie is THE No.1 Singapore Drivers App is updated to give...

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