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Solunar is software for Android phones which computes astronomical tim...

$3.41 | 9 33

9 Users
Download Lunar Odometer Lunar Odometer icon

Lunar Odometer

A "fun-fact" odometer monitoring the motion of the moon in t...

Free | 8.6 27

8.6 Users
Download Scope Companion Scope Companion icon

Scope Companion

Scope Companion is software for computing performance parameters of op...

$3.51 | 7.4 26

7.4 Users
Download Exoplanet Guide Exoplanet Guide icon

Exoplanet Guide

Exoplanet Guide is probably the most complete exoplanet data reference...

$5.52 | 8.4 34

8.4 Users
Download Fun with Planets Fun with Planets icon

Fun with Planets

This application is probably best suited for children with parential a...

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8 Users
Download Sky Atlas Sky Atlas icon

Sky Atlas

Sky Atlas is not planetarium or simulation software. It is designed an...

$4.44 | 9.4 12

9.4 Users
Download Comet Monitor Comet Monitor icon

Comet Monitor

Comet Monitor is software for the purpose of following current positio...

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Download Planisphere Planisphere icon


THIS APP WILL BE DISCONTINUED SHORTLY. If you own a tablet, please con...

$1.32 | 8 13

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Download Spacecraft Widget Spacecraft Widget icon

Spacecraft Widget

A spacecraft browser in the form of a 4x2 home screen widget, ideal fo...

¥135 Free | 7.2 8

7.2 Users
Download Bright Stars Widget Bright Stars Widget icon

Bright Stars Widget

A bright star browser in the form of a 2x2 home screen widget, ideal f...

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8 Users