Download dictation and Mail dictation and Mail icon
dictation and Mail

You can dictate by yourself, and email it to your email address. You can copy and paste it to Word document easily. For each line, you can press a button "Voice input". After sending sentences to your computer, "Clear all" button clears all texts on the input field.

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Download Quick Draw Quick Draw icon
Quick Draw

This app provides you with a function to draw anything on the screen with your finger quickly. There are only three buttons. "Clear" button clears the screen, "Color" button changes color of a pen, Black, red and blue are available. "Width" button changes width of a pen. This app may be useful when you make a quick not…

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Download Spell Check Spell Check icon
Spell Check

You can see correct spelling on the screen by voice input. Following languages are supported according to language setting of your device. ENGLISH, ITALIAN, KOREAN, GERMAN, FRENCH, CHINESE, JAPANESE

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Download Memo Diary Memo Diary icon
Memo Diary

Memo diary is designed to record your memo or memory using voice input, camera, video recorder, sound recorder and drawing. All recorded data will show up on the top screen timeline. Search function is available.

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Download Simple Drawing Simple Drawing icon
Simple Drawing

Drawing app. Function is very simple. There are only four buttons. "Clear" button clears the screen, "Black" button changes color of a pen to black, "Blue" button changes to blue, and "Red" button changes to red. Children can enjoy drawing when you go to lunch with your friends. It may also be useful, you wan…

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Download Japanese counter word Japanese counter word icon
Japanese counter word

In Japanese, different counter words are used along with numbers to count things. Those are not easy if you are not Japanese. You can learn how to count things in Japanese. This app is made by a native Japanese. If some items are requested, they will be added in an updated version.

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Download How old is baby? How old is baby? icon
How old is baby?

If you enter a birthday of your baby, you will get months and days from the birthday.

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Download E-mail by Voice E-mail by Voice icon
E-mail by Voice

You can make an-email by voice easily. Address list can be shown by touching "Mail address:" itself, then select one person. Touching a "Send mail" button will send it. That's it.

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Download Brain Awakener Brain Awakener icon
Brain Awakener

Just touch two numbers, and make 100! Buttons will explode, and you will be awakened! Explode all pairs of two numbers which make 100 as fast as you can. This app will awaken and activate your brain. Please enjoy!

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Download Motion of the Moon Motion of the Moon icon
Motion of the Moon

You can easily learn the motion of the moon in each phase using a pencil as a tool. You don't have to memorize the motion of the moon. You will be able to answer when the full moon rises in the east using a pencil as a tool. It's a miracle. Please try!

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