• How old is baby?

    How old is baby?




    If you enter a birthday of your baby, you will get months and days from the birthday.

  • Let it go - Frozen - YouTube

    Let it go - Frozen - YouTube




    Please view many language versions of "Let it go" from Disney movie "Frozen" on YouTube! May J. and Takako Matsu who are Japanese singers sing this song in Japanese. You can view carefully-screened YouTube videos easily. Please enjoy! You will like them.

  • Math Puzzle for Kids + Any Age

    Math Puzzle for Kids + Any Age


    This is a new type of 1-digit math puzzle for kids and any age. You just select one of columns to get 0 at the first digit of sum as fast as possible. A set of a game includes 7 quizzes. Be a world record holder! This app activates your brain.

  • Sharla in Japan (YouTube)

    Sharla in Japan (YouTube)




    This is an app to view "Sharla in Japan" in YouTube. Title: Sharla in Japan URL:

  • Find two numbers (sum)

    Find two numbers (sum)




    Find two numbers whose sum is the number on screen. In a training mode, you can solve one by one. If you cannot find two numbers, you can see an answer. In a game mode, you must find answers for five questions as fast as you can. This game will train your brain. Sum is fixed to 100 in App...

  • Simple Drawing

    Simple Drawing




    Drawing app. Function is very simple. There are only four buttons. "Clear" button clears the screen, "Black" button changes color of a pen to black, "Blue" button changes to blue, and "Red" button changes to red. Children can enjoy drawing when you go to...

  • E-mail by Voice

    E-mail by Voice




    You can make an-email by voice easily. Address list can be shown by touching "Mail address:" itself, then select one person. Touching a "Send mail" button will send it. That's it.

  • Relaxing Sounds for Boys

    Relaxing Sounds for Boys




    If you touch her face, she says something with a relaxing voice. You will be relaxed by her. Sound source is from VoicePro ( The original ASCII art is from somewhere in WEB (if you find the URL, please let me know).

  • Dictation and Mail

    Dictation and Mail




    You can dictate by yourself, and email it to your email address. You can copy and paste it to Word document easily. For each line, you can press a button "Voice input". After sending sentences to your computer, "Clear all" button clears all texts on the input field.

  • Kids Wipe and Seek

    Kids Wipe and Seek


    This app is for kids to train their brains. Some item is hidden under the screen. Just wipe the screen, and seek it. Each item will be located randomly. Kids will love it a lot.

  • Stress Buster with Drawing

    Stress Buster with Drawing


    This is a joke app to eliminate your stress. Draw a target on screen, then bomb it repeatedly. Blasting animation and sound eliminate your stress perfectly.

  • Colorful Calculator

    Colorful Calculator


    This is a simple calculator, but you can customize colors of text or background. Text size is also tuned. Make your own colorful calculator! TC button -> to change Text Color BC button -> to change Background Color TS button -> to change Text Size

  • Spell Check

    Spell Check




    You can see correct spelling on the screen by voice input. Following languages are supported according to language setting of your device. ENGLISH, ITALIAN, KOREAN, GERMAN, FRENCH, CHINESE, JAPANESE

  • Word Conquest

    Word Conquest


    The original word puzzle and game “Word Conquest Puzzle”. Word Conquest Puzzle is a fill-in-the-blank word puzzle where you need to find a hidden substring common to five words. You can move to the next stage when you clear the current stage within three minutes. There are nine stages in total....

  • 英単語の仕分け! 覚えていない単語だけを超高速でリストアップ

    英単語の仕分け! 覚えていない単語だけを超高速でリストアップ




     「英単語」の勉強のために、自分のレベル(中学、高校、TOEICの点数)を選択して、そのレベルで覚えるべきすべての「英単語」を1つずつ音声付で高速表示して、「知ってる」と「知らない」のボタンを押しながら、高速に知らない「英単語」を仕分けることが出来ます。辞書を見たい場合は、ボタン一発ですぐにアルクの英辞郎の該当ページを表示します。  知らない「英単語」を仕分けたら、1単語ずつ、ボタン一発ですぐにアルクの英辞郎の該当ページが表示され、勉強出来ます。  収容されている「英単語」数は、合計9053語と網羅的です。 中学→1031語, 高校(標準)→5290, 高校(難)→1854,...

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