Retora Game Studios

  • Alchemica




    Things are not safe outside Atu’s village, and he needs your help to guide him through the jungle! He lacks physical strength, and he'd have no chance of taking on the hungry predators... if it weren't for his magic and his mind! With his knowledge of alchemy, Atu can outwit the monsters...

  • Super Space Chase




    Can you chase all the things? Get to the final star!

  • The Lost Medallion




    Can you get the gem into the Medallion? Colorful fun for all ages! 40 unique levels! Collect the treasures to win!

  • Billy's Adventure




    Billy's Adventure, the second game based on The Lost Medallion, releasing on March 1st. Use your trusty metal detector to find treasure and work your way through the treacherous jungle! 10 levels, with 3 difficult modes

  • Hello Color




    Hello Color is a casual arcade game all about color. To play, match colored circles with a changing background. During the 3 game modes, you interact with over 16 million colors, which Hello Color uses to generate your unique color spectrum. After playing a few rounds, you will have a much better...

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