Retro Dreamer

  • Cheesy Munch




    "It's dumb but it's free"

  • Planet Hop




    Hop from planet to planet and get the highest score! "Planet Hop is the most masochistic fun you’ve had since Flappy Bird"

  • Happy Burger




    Jump, Burger, Jump!! Bounce through the sky with the Happy Jump Burger, back for a solo adventure! Tap the screen to jump, hold to jump further. Endless fun, with exciting obstacles, gold to collect, and accessories to wear!

  • I Scream Jump




    Jump through the gaps, and scream with delight, in this free halloween Ice Cream treat. Watch out for the flies and the gaps, but your rainbow boost will get you out of any spooky jams.

  • Ninja Ninja Ninja: NINJAx3!




    NINJA! NINJA! NINJA! NINJA! NINJA! Tap the ninjas to jump over the crates, don’t let any of your ninjas die.

  • Meow Tile 2: Left or Right




    Left or Right? That's your choice in this exciting sequel to Step on the MEOW Tile. Grab the Cats and skip the Dogs, and see who can get the highest score!

  • Soccer Bite




    Sink your teeth into some soccer action! Take a bite out of the opposing players, but don't get caught by the referee! Simple controls, just tap the screen to bite, but time it right!

  • 6.8





    Go up and never fall down

  • Happy Poo's Revenge




    Happy Poo is sick of those flies, and he's not going to take it any more. Secret Happy Poo scientists have built a new Fly Smasher, and we'd like you to test it! Tilt your phone to bounce around the testing arena and pound as many flies as you can with Happy Poo's new toy. FOR...

  • 6.6

    Happy Poo Flap




    Play with poop without the mess.

  • Step on the MEOW Tile




    How far can you go? Step on the next meowing cat tile to keep your run going. Don't step on anything else or the big dog will catch you. Features:- Meows

  • 5.0

    Ice Cream Jump




    Make the ice cream scoop get as high as possible

  • Tappy Pop




    Achoo! Try this fast and frantic new Sneezies game. Simply tap the falling sneezies to create epic chain reactions. Try not to miss any! An endless free-play Kids Mode is also included.

  • Ice Cream Flap




    Our happy ice cream scoop is back, and this time he's flying like a bird! Flap your way to safety in this all new Ice Cream adventure. Use the coins you collect on your flappy journey to buy new characters and accessories.

  • 7.1

    Cat Basket




    Catch the cats and block the dogs to keep advancing

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