Riadd Inc.

  • Audio Tour Okayama Kurashiki




    A GPS based audio guide app. If you visit Okayama, Kurashiki city in Japan, this app will help you to find interests there.

  • Varianki Flashcards




    The VARIANKI Flashcards is yet another flashcards app out there. Not only text cards but also image cards are available. Just take a photo of anything you want to memorize. Of course you can also input any texts and import bulk CSV file. Highly functional user interface is designed to focus on...

  • Biz cards viewer Carda




    Carda is a handy business cards viewer app. Easy importing both sides of cards via camera. Highly functional user interface is designed as your credible biz cockpit. Rapid searching and diversified contact actions help you ready for all business opportunities. This Pro edition has no limitation....





    CARDA "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" (ICE) MEDICAL INFORMATION CARD DISPLAY WIDGET NOTE: This widget is a plug-in for the business cards viewer Carda Lite and/or Carda Pro. You must first install at least one of those two apps in order to use this free widget. Please read what Carda Lite and...

  • Biz cards viewer Carda Widget




    *This widget is a plug-in for the biz cards viewer Carda / Carda Lite. Required either of them. You can select a business card from your collection and drop it onto your home screen. Then tap the card widget, it will be immediately shown full screen. You may whip out your business card as a...

  • 100 Poems Flashcards




    100 Poems by 100 Poets Hyakunin Isshu Flashcards. If you do not have the Varianki app yet, please get it free. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riadd.Varianki

  • Blossom Solitaire




    A peg solitaire game. The flower jumped over is removed. The goal is to leave one flower on the screen. Five stages. This is a charity app to help the sufferers of Japanese earthquake and tsunami, I will make donation all sales of this app. Our website: http://charityapps.info/ Contributors:...

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