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Richta Rally Calculator Demo

This version (2.17) is limited to 10 miles/kilometers. New features recently added include a speed table (ideal mileage display) with voice output and the ability to apply an odometer correction factor to the average speed. This is a free evaluation/demo copy of the full-function Richta Rally Calculator. The trip odometer is NOT limited to 10 mi…

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Road Rally Checkpoint Clock

The Richta Rally Checkpoint Clock is an application designed as a timing device for use at checkpoints during Time-Speed-Distance road rallys. It can also be used as a time reference for Class B or "Seat of the Pants" rally classes. When the "Split" button is pressed the clock records the time of the split in a scrollable log…

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Richta Rally Odometer

This app provides a high resolution GPS odometer and time of day clock suitable for road rally events. The odometer may be set to display miles or kilometers, the clock may be set to display seconds or cents. A correction factor for the odometer may be entered

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Time of Day Clock - HiRes

Walt's Time-of-Day Clock: I had a friend who required a clock app with a resolution of .1 second, so I wrote this app for him. His need was to take a slow motion video the clock next to a meter so he could precisely time events with a resolution to the nearest 0.1 seconds. Each 0.1 second this app updates the next time slot on the screen. E…

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