Rich Media Apps

  • Sirens & Horns Ringtones

    Sirens & Horns Ringtones




    Bringing you an awesome Simulator for Air Horns, Stadium Sounds and Different Types of sounds! As we would like to say, this is the Ultimate Noise maker with all types of annoying sounds. With more then 20 sounds of, Air Horns, Police Sirens, Fire Engine Horns, Ambulance Sirens, Ship Horn,...

  • Annoying Boy sounds

    Annoying Boy sounds


    Annoying Dude sounds is a fun way to prank your friends. This Annoying sounds app makes sure that all your friends are disgusted. To annoy your friends, this guy will be BURPING, SCREAMING, LAUGHING, TALKING, CRYING AND EVEN VOMITING, all at a click of your finger. This app is TOTALLY FREE!!...

  • Ambulance Siren & Ringtone

    Ambulance Siren & Ringtone


    This application is a simulator for ambulance siren on your phone. Simple one-touch interface to Start/Stop your ambulance Siren. Also choose among the various ambulance siren sounds available. This Application is TOTALLY FREE!! App features: - Just simply touch and play with it easy and...

  • Full Screen Caller ID

    Full Screen Caller ID




    A great Full Screen Caller ID Application with HD Images and 9 Awesome themes!! This is a replacement from your regular boring caller screen. Change the way you receive the call or receive SMS!! Choose from 9 different like the love theme, the bike theme, the flower theme, the butterfly theme...

  • Stadium Sounds : The Air Horn

    Stadium Sounds : The Air Horn


    Bringing you the best app to cheer this football season!! Air Horn is the best way to support your team, while watching the game with your friends, without actually screaming your lungs out. Make noise with the best app of its kind, with the best sounds quality and the awesome design. •...

  • Zombie Sounds & Ringtones

    Zombie Sounds & Ringtones


    Bringing your one of the best Scary Sounds Application. Look to scare a friend at night?? Or are you just looking for a great application for a laughter? Here is Zombie Sounds!! The Best App you can possible have for Halloween!! Select the right sounds for the perfect atmosphere! We have a...

  • Fake Call & SMS

    Fake Call & SMS


    Fake Call Log or add Fake SMS to conversation scheduling for FREE!! It’s totally FREE APPLICATION !! You are stuck in an uncomfortable situation and you want a reason to get out. Features: • Write down any name and number and the entry will be made in the call log to prove that we have made...

  • Cracked Screen Prank : Broken!

    Cracked Screen Prank : Broken!


    Perfect way to fool your friends with this amazing Crack Screen prank app! Make fun of your family and friends with the "You Crack My Screen!" application. Touch on the screen to create the illusion that your phone screen just got cracked! They can even hear a broken glass sound to...

  • Cat sounds

    Cat sounds




    Bringing you the best Cat Sounds Application for your phone. Have your dog chase after you or prank your friends into believing that there's possible a cat fight near by or have your kids play and learn the different sounds of a cat. We have a large collection of different sounds of cats...

  • Ganesha Keyboard

    Ganesha Keyboard


    All Work and spiritual worship in the Hindu tradition begins with the invocation of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god. Now you can set Lord Ganesha Pictures on your Keyboard background by using Application. This keyboard have 10 different types of themes with neon photo animation. This is...

  • Gun Sounds : Russian Roulette

    Gun Sounds : Russian Roulette




    The best Russian Roulette is finally here!! With 4 greatly designed Russian Roulette Guns and awesome gun sounds this app is sure the best entertainer you can have for your phone. HOW TO USE!! * Select the Russian Roulette you like from the 4 given guns. * Tap on the trigger to fire!! * Tap on...

  • Boxing - Punch Them Hard

    Boxing - Punch Them Hard


    Fun Boxing Game!!! This is a FREE Application!! So are you frustrated with any of your friends or some bully in class? Here is the best android app to get back to them!!Punch your friends, co-worker, relative or some bully in class and show no mercy to them. This is the ultimate fun punching...

  • Dog Sounds

    Dog Sounds


    Bringing you the best Dog Sounds Application for your phone. Scare your cat or prank your friends into believing that there's possible a Dog fight near by or have your kids play and learn the different sounds of a Dog. We have a large collection of different sounds of dogs including Angry...

  • Ghost Prank: The Scare Camera

    Ghost Prank: The Scare Camera


    Bringing you one of the best Camera prank applications for your Android phone. Prank your friends into showing them that there is a Ghost in your photo. You could choose from a number of different types of ghost like Zombies, scary ghosts, Dracula, Witch and the funny ghosts. Take a photo or...

  • Vastu Shastra: The Compass App

    Vastu Shastra: The Compass App


    Would you like to improve the quality of your life? Then use our Vastu application to check if your sweet home and workplace, is VASTU compliant or not? How to use the app:- Hold your device parallel to the floor/ground like you would hold a compass. Stand at the center of the house and choose...

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