Richard Butler

  • Law of Attraction

    Law of Attraction




    This android book will help you understand the law of attraction and how it can work for you. I also explain why it might not work for you. Included free is a law of attraction hypnosis track. Please note this application is free because it is ad supported Please download and rate and check...

  • Relaxation Music

    Relaxation Music




    Use this app to relax and enjoy the music that will help boost your overall feeling of wellness. This app is free, and sponsored by ads, so show the love.

  • Personal Development Audio

    Personal Development Audio




    Improve yourself while you are on the move! This new personal development audio from Richard Butler, teaches you how to instantly become motivated, focused and achieve more success. Remember that all my apps are free until further notice. If you like the app please rate it. Also remember I...

  • Successful Interviews - Tips

    Successful Interviews - Tips




    Did you know that the biggest hurdle to getting a job is the interview. People are not prepared, people don't know how to answer questions. This app has 100 success tips to help you improve your interview technique. It could make all the difference. This app like many of my apps is free....

  • NoteWorld



    NoteWorld is a simple to do list, note take and goal creation software. It's so simple to use you won't believe it! Try it now, it's free and will help you jot notes when you need to Tags:goal setting, notetaking, todo list, to do list

  • Body beautiful

    Body beautiful




    Let´s face it we could all drop a few pounds or kilos, but sometimes we just don´t have an idea where to start. Well this app will help you with over 300 different tips and a nice report on how you can start to get body beautiful. why not read a tip on the bus or train, or while waiting in line...

  • Job and Resume Guide

    Job and Resume Guide




    Looking for a job is no easy task, then you find one, you need to get your resume in order, apply hope they pick you and then go to the interview... it´s so much stress, and the truth is 90% of people don´t even know how to write their resume. Yes they can talk about what they do but can´t put it...

  • Movie Trivia Quiz

    Movie Trivia Quiz




    So you think you know about movies. Test your knowledge with this movie quiz app. More questions added weekly. See if you really know your movies, from the oldies to the not so oldies this free movie quiz and movie trivia app will tell you the truth :)

  • Facts, Figures and Fun

    Facts, Figures and Fun




    ***** Regarding the "boring" comment, yes if you don´t like fun facts and figures and a bit of humour, this is going to be a very boring app, but many thanks for your feedback :) ***** Interesting facts and figures and funny stories that you can use to expand your own knowledge,...

  • Finance Jobs In Ireland

    Finance Jobs In Ireland




    Find the most up to date finance jobs in Ireland right from your android phone. No need to go searching on different websites, everything is just a click away. Remember this is a free app

  • Encontrar un trabajo en España

    Encontrar un trabajo en España




    Hoy en día estamos en crisis en España, es difícil conseguir un trabajo, y lo que necesita para ser el primero en enterarse de puestos de trabajo. Esta aplicación puede ayudar. Buscar todos los puestos de trabajo en una categoría desde su teléfono, no importa si usted está en el tren, en el...

  • The budget wedding

    The budget wedding




    Planning a wedding? Wondering how you are going to afford it. This android book shows you many, many ideas which can save you money for your wedding. There´s ideas from decorating the church to getting a discount on the DJ or band. If you want to have a truely special day and not get yourself...

  • Weight Loss for men

    Weight Loss for men




    An android book detailing a simple, no nonsense way to reduce your weight. Written by a man for a man. Includes a hypnosis audio and guide to fat burning food. This app is free since it is ad sponsored, so if you like it let me know by reviewing it and showing some ad love!

  • Weight Loss Brain Entrainment

    Weight Loss Brain Entrainment




    Brain Entrainment is a way of getting you into a certain "state" that makes you more receptive. It is different from hypnosis as a person can be put into different states of awareness. A full explanation is included in the app! The app contains an explanation of the process, and 3...

  • Goal Setting That Works

    Goal Setting That Works




    International Life Coach Richard Butler teaches you how about goal setting that will change your life. Read this android book, on the train, plane or when having a coffee. Do the exercises and make changes and see the success. Much of what you know about goal setting is wrong. This android...

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