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Richards App Store

  • Super Juggling Game

    Super Juggling Game




    Super Juggling Game is a great way to kill some spare time! In this addictive game your goal is simple, juggle soccer balls for as long as you can. Everything seems easy at first, then the more points you get things get quite a bit harder to keep you challenged. If you're looking for a fun...

  • Fishy Feast

    Fishy Feast




    Fishy Feast is a family friendly game which provides countless hours of fun for all ages. Your endless ocean journey begins as a small fish of your choice at the bottom of the food chain. Using your fine motor skills, you work your way up the food chain by dragging yourself over equal or smaller...

  • Math Race Online

    Math Race Online




    Math Race Online is the first and only multiplayer math game on the market! In Math Race Online, you can compete against friends, family, and fellow Math Race Online players all around the world, in realtime and in a 100% family friendly setting! There are multiple game modes, and each mode...

  • Gaming Timer

    Gaming Timer




    The Gaming Timer lets you to put the worry of timing weapons out of mind, allowing you to focus on your game! If you want to get better, you need the Gaming Timer! Key features of this app are: -Voice alerts of weapon spawn times, voiced by Xena and others! -An online mode where you can sync...

  • Scramblz





    The official app for the restaurant Scramblz, located in San Jose, CA. Using our app, you can access our menus, all the services we offer, view our newest specials, check our location, and view all of our current discounts. By installing this app, you will receive push notifications of our newest...

  • Catch It Quick

    Catch It Quick




    In Catch It Quick, your job is to catch as many tennis balls as you can in your bag until you miss one of them and they hit the ground. There are 3 difficulty levels, easy, medium, and hard. Each difficulty level gets harder as the tennis balls get smaller and drop faster, however in return you...

  • Jet Attack

    Jet Attack




    Jet Attack contains a single player mode and a two player mode. Single Player Description: Jet Attack is a story based fighter pilot game. Each level is part of your mission to get to Washington D.C. and save the capital from being taken over by a new threatening unknown enemy. This game takes...

  • Find Your Fortune

    Find Your Fortune




    Do you ever wake up in the morning looking for advice on how to lead your day? Use this app every morning before you begin your day for a good suggestive thing to do, and make it happen!

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