• Moving Target Password Shifter




    Don’t keep the same lockscreen password! Moving Target automatically updates your lockscreen password, greatly increasing your phone’s security. Set up a password pattern - for example, the letters “QzY” followed by the current hour. Enable Moving Target and it’ll keep that hour field updated...

  • RuneScape Hiscores




    ** RuneScape.com has been having problems lately (with the forums and hiscores). If you have trouble searching for someone, please try again later - it's probably not the app's fault, it's the website's. This app has not had a bug in many months. ** ** Hiscores are members only;...

  • RuneScape Reference




    Search the Zybez.net item and NPC databases and view details of any item or NPC in RuneScape! Free and ad-free; enjoy! Please EMAIL me if you have any suggestions or requests, I'll respond promptly! ricky@insertnamehere.org RuneScape & related images are trademarks of Jagex Ltd. I am...

  • RuneScape Calculators




    RuneScape skill calculators on-the-go! Pick a skill you want to train, enter your current and desired XP, and then see how much training you have left! == FEATURES == - Every skill (except Dungeoneering - coming soon) - Enter a character name to automatically load its current XP from the...

  • RuneScape Map




    Drag and zoom around the RuneScape map! Keep this app by your side while you play and you'll never get lost! If you view the RuneScape map image on your phone, it's so huge that your phone will show it very blurry when you zoom in. In fact, other apps also show it blurry. This app,...

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