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Rinis Studio

  • Flash Vibrate Alerts Call SMS

    Flash Vibrate Alerts Call SMS




    With this cool application you can see your flash light blink or strong vibrate on incoming call or text sms. Using this app the flash light will blink or vibrate will running when there is an incoming call, sms, notification on any application. This is a cool feature hidden in your android phone...

  • Flashlight Widget New

    Flashlight Widget New




    Very simple LED flashlight! If you have LED at your phone camera you can touch the button to turn it on! It is very simple led torch! Just as simple as that! Now it is even more simple! Use home screen WIDGET from your desktop! Just touch the widget to make a light! Use it without starting the...

  • Puzzle Connect Game New

    Puzzle Connect Game New




    Getting bored with the same old Onet Connect game play? Try Puzzle Connect Game, you will love it . Puzzle Connect Game is simple yet addicting pair solving puzzle game or matching game with a fresh game play. The main objective of this game is to remove all cards by connect two matching cards...

  • Battery Widget Status

    Battery Widget Status




    This app provides following functionality: Battery widget - circle battery level indicator perfectly fits pure Android design Basic battery info - Battery Info Status bar notification of battery status - prediction (estimation) how long battery lasts

  • Cigarette Battery Widget

    Cigarette Battery Widget




    Cigarette battery widget in its best shape! Do you like smoking? If so then this is for you. Place beautifully designed cigarette looking widget on your phone desktop. Cigarette size is decreasing as battery is discharged. When battery is full you can see whole cigarette. When it goes down...

  • Anti Mosquito

    Anti Mosquito




    Anti Mosquito turns your phone into an Ultrasound device, sending high-pitch 09-22 KHz waves to keep Mosquitoes and other nasty insects away. Compact, light, easy to use: - Smart Look, easy to use - Emulates a dragonfly wing sound to scare aware those evil female mosquitoes, that can’t wait to...

  • Flash Alerts

    Flash Alerts




    Flash alerts application notify with flashing camera light when you have incoming call or incoming sms. this application used when you have not hearing your ringtones or your cell is in silent mode. you can easily find out your phone if you put at misplace using this application. LED Flash...

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