• Fishy




    Guide your fishy to eat other fish smaller than you to grow bigger while making sure to avoid larger fish and killer turtles. Control your fishy by using the Touchscreen, D-pad, Trackball or by Tilt. Be sure to check the options for the various control configurations. Post your score online...

  • WikiSearch Widget




    A simple widget that allows you to search Wikipedia from your homescreen directly through your browser.

  • Mini-Warfare




    Send out your ships to survive and conquer your enemy across the battlefield. With 4 unique ships to choose from and 4 different paths, time your assaults to counter each enemy wave. Be sure to read the controls on how to play. Includes a mission editor to play/save new missions on your sdcard....

  • Mancala




    The simple game of Mancala, you can play against either a computer or another person. Pick up a pocket on your side by just touching it!

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