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    The app to introduce Japanese toys (Japanese figure) A work with precise and elaborate popularity is selected carefully and published Japan's "anime toys" Please enjoy! ★Specifications★ Page movement is a flick. If a menu button is pushed, a "Top" and a...

  • Butterfly of the World


    It is a picture application of a beautiful butterfly The Six Family of 50 type to give a full detail of butterfly Please enjoy a beautiful butterfly Recording butterfly ☆Hesperiidae ☆Lycaenidae ☆Nymphalidae ☆Papilionidae ☆Pieridae ☆Riodinidae ★Specifications★ Page movement is a...

  • Model Railroad


    A photograph full load of the railroad model collected from all over the world! The railroad model of various situations is introduced. A railroad pattern is more than 100! Please find out a favorite photograph. ★Specifications★ Page movement is a flick. If a menu button is pushed, a...

  • Lovely Panda


    Miss panda lovers! It is an application of a lovely panda. Baby panda, panda in the diet, sleeping pandas, pandas can see pictures of various situations, such as pandas play with friends. It is the loveliness of a baby panda that it is especially a recommendation! The bits of knowledge of...

  • Three Great Gardens of Japan


    This application introduces the three major gardens in Japan. Kenroku-en, Koraku-en, Kairaku-en, you can see plenty of the charm of the three gardens. Content can be viewed at the location of the three gardens in Japan. Since the introduction of the charm of their garden, would be useful when...

  • Fish Market Tsukiji


    It complete introduces the visit tour of the "Tuna Auction" of traditional Fish Market "Tsukiji" of Japan. The app is "Tuna Auction" the Bible of people who want to visit. "Tuna Auction" is written in detail from the time such a set of prohibitions. You...

  • Enjoy Origami


    It is application to weave origami to be able to watch with a photograph. Because it is the commentary with the photograph, even a beginner can be very easily. All 20 types. Ten kinds of way of folding enters. ★Specifications★ Page movement is a flick. If a menu button is pushed, a...

  • Takoyaki Recipe


    This app is the recipe of the tradition dish Takoyaki of the food stall in Japan. Since it is the Japanese food which can be cooked easily, if material is prepared, it can make to anyone. It is a party dish which can be enjoyed by a lot of people. In Japan it is popular as a snack, will be...





    The app of a train full load of Japan! This app to introduce a West Japanese train. Now, there is also a photograph of the train used as a discontinued railroad line. The train has much more surprisingly is not known. ★Specifications★ Page movement is a flick. If a menu button is pushed, a...



    The app of a dog lover must! The lovely dog of 94 dog species appears all members Probably, the same dog species as the dog which you keep also appear! Those who want to keep a dog after this need to investigate the character of a dog. Relax and Happy Gazing! ★Specifications★ Page...





    Train lover must! The application to introduce a Japanese train. The train which is running East Japan is explained for every prefecture. Since the maniac train is introduced, the vehicles seldom known should also appear. ★Specifications★ Page movement is a flick. If a menu button is...

  • Palmistry Guide




    It is an application of the lines on the palms. The typical view of the lines on the palms appears. There is detailed explanation of heart line, head line, life line, fate line, and marriage line. Probably, the lines on the palms will also be good to change and to see occasionally....

  • Beautiful Japan in KYOTO


    This application program that the introduction of beautiful city "Kyoto" of Japan. Explanations such as the temple, the garden, maikoes, and the festivals that represent Kyoto are seen. The sightseeing spot of Kyoto introduces 11 kinds, and there are 22 kinds. ★Specifications★ Page...



    Tokyo Motor Show 2011 app is the fastest appearance! It is full complete coverage about from a world premium to the Japan premium. Brand published 22 complete! Even environment-friendly cars, such as a hybrid car and EV, and a sport type are introduced with abundant variations...

  • ヨーロッパへ行きたい女は実はモテる


    故・団鬼六に師事する新鋭作家の書き下ろしエッセイ。 男性から見た、モテる女性のタイプを紹介。 ☆モテる女性はココが違う! ☆こんな女性が人気がある ☆女性の本音 等など モテる女性の法則を覚えよう 【目次】 Part1 我が儘な女ほど、男は伸びる Part2 歴史と女、どちらも底知れない魅力がある Part3 ワインが似合う女は美しい Part4 世界一うまい料理を食べさせて Part5 ヨーロッパは、匂いが違う Part6 モテる女は、旅をする 総ページ数151ページ ◆著者プロフィール 鵜飼幸(うかい・こう) 1958年、岐阜県生まれ。...

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