Riverside Studios

  • Flappy Ghost: Boo's Adventure




    Experience the adventures of Flappy Ghost, fly through the Halloween season dodging walls of pumpkins as you try to beat the highest score. This retro tap style of game was designed to be extremely hard and challenging. Flappy Ghost is a retro 8-bit pixel art style platform game. The goal is...

  • Police Cars for Kids




    Police Cars for Kids is a simple game for young kids. Police Cars for Kids contains high quality siren sounds and police cars images. Police Cars for Kids is one of the top rated toddler police car games with real siren sounds. Do your kids enjoy Police cars and siren sounds? Then give your...

  • Fire Truck Sirens for Kids




    Fire Trucks for Kids is a simple game for toddlers. Fire Trucks for Kids contains high quality fire truck siren sounds and images of real fire trucks. Fire Trucks for Kids is one of the top rated toddler truck games with real engine sounds. This game is great to help keep your toddlers...

  • Toddler Construction Trucks




    Construction Sounds for Toddlers is a simple game for young kids. Construction for Toddlers contains high quality construction site sounds and images of real construction trucks. Construction for Toddlers is one of the top rated toddler construction sound games on Google Play. What little boy...

  • Toddler Construction Sounds




    Construction Sounds for kids is a simple free toddler app that young kids will love. It includes high quality sounds of construction trucks and construction tools. If your child enjoys playing with Tonka trucks or watching construction trucks working then they child will love this app. Does...

  • Animal Sounds For Toddlers




    Animal Sounds for Toddlers is a simple app that will help toddlers identify animals and recognize their sounds. When your toddler taps one of the closeup pictures of the animals it will open a new window, say the name of the animal and also show a picture of the animal they tapped on. When your...

  • BeerSpot: Find Bars Near Me




    Discover the best craft beer bars, Irish pubs, rooftop bars, beer bars, sports bars and beer gardens around you with our brand new craft beer app. BeerSpot is a bar finder that was created by beer lovers for beer lovers. Our mission is simple, be the best bar finder for Android and make finding...

  • Retro Video Game Sounds




    Retro Video Game Sounds is a collection of recreations of some of the most memorable sound effects from the 80's classic video games. Can you figure out what games these sounds are from? Everyone can enjoy this app from toddlers to adults reliving the greatness of our favorite retro video...

  • Motorcycles for Kids




    Motorcycles for Kids is a simple game for any toddler. Motorcycles for kids contains high quality motorcycle sounds and images of real motorcycles like Harley Davidson and Victory motorcycles that all kids will enjoy. This game is great to help keep your toddler entertained, even the youngest...

  • Vehicle Sounds For Kids




    Vehicle Sounds for Kids is a simple yet entertaining app for kids. Sounds for Kids contains high quality police siren sounds, firetruck sounds, engine sounds, and motorcycle sounds along with high quality images of real police cars, fire engines, motorcycles and construction trucks. Sounds for...

  • Wired - IT Pinouts




    Wired is a great collection of pinouts providing a quick reference for IT technicians and network engineers. Wired includes pinouts for computer and network hardardware. Wired currently includes the following pintouts: ATX Firewire 400 Firewire 800 Firewire Mini Gigabit Crossover Magsafe Molex...

  • Drink! - A Drinking Game




    Drink! is a simple and fun free drinking game but it is not a kings drinking game. Drink is one of the best dice drinking games for android. This dice game only requires one phone or tablet, some drinks and shots and three or more people and then you can let the fun begin. This used to be one of...

  • Spooky Halloween Sounds




    Halloween for Kids is a spooky sounds app for children. Halloween for Kids contains high quality spooky images and scary sounds. These scary buttons and horror sounds include Zombies, Bats, Ghosts, Witches, Brooms, Spiders, Haunted House, Skeletons, Cemetery, Tombstones, Coffins, Mummies,...

  • Christmas for Kids




    Christmas for Kids is a simple android application that plays some of the best Christmas music in the android market. Use this application for your toddler so they can listen to music while you are doing your Christmas shopping and keep things festive. Distract your kids from asking how many days...

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