• Flirt Whistle

    Flirt Whistle




    Do you see a hot girl or guy walking down the street? But you can't whistle? No worry. This app will do this for you. It also contains the dirty pssst sounds. If you have no shame at all! On the street + friends + this app = a lot of fun! It's possible to set a sound as ringtone...

  • Bicycle Light

    Bicycle Light




    *Now with Camera flash support* Forgot your bicycle light at home? Do you want to be more visible while walking at night? Use this app if your light is broken or you have no lights at all. For your own safety it is good to have lights on your bicycle. You think cars can easily see you but...

  • Bubble Blower

    Bubble Blower




    Blow in the microphone to make the biggest bubble. Who has got the biggest breath? Blow as long as possible in the microphone to let the bubble increase in size until it won't fit on the screen anymore! The microphone is in most cases situated at the bottom of your phone next to the usb...

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