Roads and Transport Authority

  • RTA Corporate Services




    The RTA Corporate Services app is designed for meeting the needs of Roads and Transport Authority's corporate customers, Initially the app will provide informational services and later transactional services will introduced periodically with additional services and features to enhance...

  • RTA Drivers and Vehicles




    The RTA Drivers and Vehicles app is designed to support the citizens of Dubai for drivers and vehicles related services. The list of services currently offered are both information and transactional in nature. This app will also be continuously updated and enhanced with additional services and...

  • RTA Sharekni




    Sharekni is the RTA’s carpool management mobile phone application that helps the residents of Dubai to share rides. Sharekni provides a convenient, comfortable and easy service for both drivers and passengers within Dubai to to connect with each other to share rides. The app enables drivers...

  • RTA Smart Taxi




    RTA Smart Taxi app allows you to easily book and track your taxi in the Emirate of Dubai. App users will also get the details of the taxi dispatched. The SmartTaxi app allows users to In-App notification when their taxi arrives. In addition, RTA Smart Taxi app will also allow customers to rate...

  • RTA Public Transport




    The RTA Public Transport app is designed to support the public transport users of Dubai, the list of services being offered will be continuously enhanced with additional services and features with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction, ridership and ease of access anywhere, anytime. Key...

  • RTA Dubai




    RTA Dubai is the RTA’s mobile interactive based application for Dubai, which includes a list of services designed to support roads and public transport users. Main features included: - Madinati Mobile: with this service, you can report to RTA directly from your mobile device. - Providing the...

  • RTA Smart Parking




    The RTA Smart Parking app is designed to help meet the parking needs of the Roads and Transport users of Dubai. Using this app you can pay for parking ticket payments by using a RTA parking account which helps the users to save on the telecom operator SMS charges.The list of services offered will...

  • Wojhati Journey Planner




    “Wojhati” is a Dubai Journey Planner application designed to provide important information to help Public Transport riders pre-plan their trips around Dubai using Bus, Metro, Marine & Taxi. Users can find detailed instructions to commute from one point to another & expected timings of...

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