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Robert Brandner

  • Memorix Notes + Checklists

    Memorix Notes + Checklists




    Let Memorix take care of all your notes and checklists. The clean design and superior usability make it real fun to jot down everything you don't want to forget. * Stay organized by grouping your notes into different colors. * Organize your to-do and shopping lists comfortably with drag and...

  • 7-Minute Scientific Workout

    7-Minute Scientific Workout




    Your Personal Trainer for the 7-Minute Workout as propagated in the ACSM'S Health & Fitness Journal The App The app supports you in doing the workout by providing timing for the 10 and 30 second intervals and giving audio cues about the exercise to come. Please watch the video to see...

  • Runbot Sports Tracker

    Runbot Sports Tracker




    Runbot Sports Tracker tracks the route, time, distance and more of your sporting activities and allows you annotate and share your workouts on Dailymile, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. * Very easy to use * High accuracy * Audio cues * Auto pause * Annotations * Share workouts on Dailymile,...

  • Finger Colors

    Finger Colors




    An application for painting and drawing featuring a user interface that lets you focus on your painting and don't let menus and dialogs interrupt your artistic flow. The flexibility in setting width, color and transparency of your strokes allows for all kinds of pictures. You can create oil...

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