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Scary Stories Muhahaha Edition afraid...70+ stories will scare the @#$% out of you. This app is not meant for the weak heart. We dare you to download this collection of ghost stories, urban legends,Japanese legends and paranormal. New stories are added very afraid...muhahaha! Features - Big font size to make it easy to read. - Stories are group by c…

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Yo Momma Busta

Want to laugh really hard? Yo Momma Busta will make you cry! With over 500+ yo momma jokes, you'll be entertain for hours. Features - user friendly interface. - 8 different categories of yo momma jokes. - ability to change font sizes for android phones, tablets and kindle fire. Tags yo momma busta, yo momma jokes, funny jokes, yo mama, yo ma…

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Pickup Lines - Playa Handbook

Not getting any girls? Playa Handbook is here to save you! Over 1,000+ pickup lines and 20+ rules to help you get your swag up. Stop reading and download your free confident booster! Features - Over 1,000+ pickup lines - Over 20+ rules - Ability to change font size Tag pickup lines, pickup lines pro, pickup line, funny lines, hilarious lines, dat…

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Air Horn Morph

Want to annoy someone with super loud air horn sound? Air Horn Morph is perfect to annoy people, use at a sport event or use as a prank. Features - Modified air horn sound to make it very loud - Select 3 different sounds including air horn, fart and burp - Play sound anytime with touch of one button Tag air horn, air horn morph, prank, loud air h…

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