• 3D Silly Suicider

    3D Silly Suicider




    Hey Look! Here is a stupid walking on the ledge. Why not you save him from suiciding. Help this silly person in crossing between buidings. Hurry Up! Now its all up to you.. FEATURES •Simple and smooth touch and tilt controls. •User friendly interface. •Eye catching changing environments. •...

  • Water Manager

    Water Manager




    Water Manager is a Medical and Health Care App. It manages water requiement of your body. It also give notifications to remind you to take water after each specific interval of time which have you mentioned in settings tab. Benefits of taking Water: Water keeps your body fit and healthy. Your...

  • Basketball Court

    Basketball Court




    Basketball Court is an simple but very addictive game which base on realistic physics. This game is designed for basketball fans.The quantity of the this game is limited,your goal is to basket as many as you can for a better score.Enjoy the ultimate real-life basketball experience with Real...

  • Body Fitness

    Body Fitness




    Tired of continuous attempts in building a perfectly fit body? The Body fitness application is your helper in your quest towards a perfect body and health state. It not only brings you information about different body building exercises, the equipment involved, the diet plans and healthy...

  • Crazy Bomber

    Crazy Bomber




    If you are getting bored and waiting for some excited and challenging game, then here is a game for you. An awesome and exciting bombing action game, with attractive 3D endless environment and lots of fun. Engage yourself in air bombing action and collection of coins in order to enhance plane...

  • 3D Cargo Transporter

    3D Cargo Transporter




    If you are getting bore. Here is way to get fun. Hey! Now you are owner of truck which is loaded by cargo luggage. You have to drive truck on a track avoiding obstacles & hurdles. There are two different climates beaware of that. Hurry Up! drive save and with convenient to successfully reach...

  • Sensor Box

    Sensor Box




    The Sensor Box application detects all available sensors on your Android device, and vividly shows you how they work with amazing graphics. The Sensor Box application also tells you which sensors are supported by the hardware, and provides extremely useful sensor tools that could be used in our...

  • Magnifying Glass

    Magnifying Glass




    The “Magnifying Glass”, it does what it claims to do - it magnifies what one is looking at through the camera. This simple Magnifying Glass with flashlight will magnify anything you want, just launch it and point at the item. Magnifies text or anything else, with a large clear view (the quality...

  • Location Profiler

    Location Profiler




    Location Profiler Description An awesome application for setting up different location – based sound profiles on your phone. Just switch on your GPS and add your current location profile. You can also edit, delete or add new profile. A convenient way to switch between user – defined audio...

  • Commandos 3D Game

    Commandos 3D Game




    Some civilian people are captured by SpartanKings .As an elite Commando Officer, you have been given a mission to find those people to save thier lives. You are expected to succeed at all costs. Your Mission: You have been dropped in Jungle near a secret enemy area. The Mission assigned to you...

  • 3D Cargo Crane

    3D Cargo Crane




    If you are getting bore. Here is way to get fun. Hey! Now you are owner of crane placed on a beautiful sea shore. You have to load containers form ships to truck. There are two ships waiting for you to unload. Hurry Up! use sliders to unload containers quickly. On every pickup you will get score....

  • Digital Design E-Books

    Digital Design E-Books




    Digital Design eBooks is android application which is collection of Digital logic design books and solution manual of latest edition. Digital Design eBooks lets you read your favorite DLD books on the go. Choose from a collection of popular DLD books that you can access directly. No internet...

  • Break The Colour Bricks

    Break The Colour Bricks




    Break the bricks 3D game is a simple but exhilarating classic Breakout. This 3D game is a Simple ball,paddle,and blocks game, where you move your paddle from side to side to bounce the ball and try to break the blocks. You must destroy all of the colourful blocks to become a hard Smasher of this...

  • Aircraft Space Shuttle

    Aircraft Space Shuttle




    Enjoy your flying here and there!! Take your Aircraft Space Shuttle for a spin in this simple game and practice your skills without the cost of crashing it.You have to destroy enemies to save your self throughout. Enemies will emerge randomly from anywhere, increasing with the passage of time....

  • Wooden Mario

    Wooden Mario




    Are you tired or fed up?.Here comes a "Wooden Mario" that will definitely put sweet smiles on your face.Wooden Mario is a very addictive and fun game in which you have to collect cubes.Remember to avoid enemies that will chase you from any side.Wooden mario can act naughtily through...

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