Rocko Labs

  • Kites




    Discover the world through friends with Kites. Follow your friends' experiences so you can enjoy what they did, avoid what they didn't, try what they recommend and so much more. Even if you end up with a couple of hours free in your home town, you'll be surprised what you can discover...

  • ADB Konnect (wireless ADB)




    ADB Konnect allows you to wirelessly connect to adb on your Android device. Warning: REQUIRES ROOT! Updated: now with a shiny new widget so you don't even have to open the app! Adb Konnect is a simple utility for those developers who don't always have a USB cable handy when trying to...

  • Khronos




    Do you know how many seconds old you are? Or how many hours left until Christmas? Well now you can, with Khronos: the time wizard. With its clean and easy to use interface, Khronos lets you work out the time differences between now and any event you choose in the past or future. So you can work...

  • Logkat (logcat reader)




    Logkat allows you to read your Android devices logs even when you are not connected to a computer. This is an invaluable resource when developing applications, as you will be able to debug your apps even when you are nowhere near a computer. With Logkat you can: - See color coded log messages -...

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