Rod Dale

  • Know whats in your products


    This is a reference application which shows you a listing of the chemicals and dyes used in everyday food/ non food items. It also has a listing of what these chemicals and dyes do, and their long term effects. I also so provide a listing of GMO products. Be aware of the products you use.

  • Know your freedoms 1.0




    This application provides a person with a copy of their rights. Both the constitution and the bill of rights are included in this application. Anytime someone feels that their freedoms are being violated, or just want to be informed, they can bring up this quick application and reference exactly...

  • Networking + study guide


    This application has everything you will need to know to take the CompTIA Network+ exam N10-005. This is more of a reference guide and NOT a complete book. This covers ALL subjects included in the N10-005 test with 10 questions in each section. This application is a very simple and basic design.

  • Bankruptcy need to know 1.0


    This application shows you what bankruptcy is and what you need to know before filing.

  • A+ study guide




    This is a simple study guide to help you pass the CompTIA A+ certification test. This study guide is jam packed with all the information you will need for the test.

  • Easy as pie 2.0


    This application shows you how to make a home made pumpkin pie.

  • Easy as pie 1.0


    This is an application that shows you how to make a simple and delicious home made apple pie. Enjoy!

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