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Rodney Colley

  • Ron Harper Trading Card

    Ron Harper Trading Card




    A must have app when you're a collector of Panini America trading cards! We had a dream, that one day trading cards would come to life to tell the stories of the past, the present, and the future. Today, this breathtaking new app and it's 3D animation technology, brings you Ron Harper....

  • Bernie's Demo

    Bernie's Demo


    This is just a sample of what can be done.

  • Martin Luther King Jr speak!

    Martin Luther King Jr speak!




    A must have app when visiting DC! We had a dream, that one day pictures would come to life to tell the stories of the past, the present, and the future. Today, this breathtaking new app and it's 3D animation technology, brings you Martin Luther King Jr. There is a picture of Martin Luther...

  • Hidden Facts

    Hidden Facts




    Secrets revealed! Never again will you have to wonder, what in the world is going on? This well-designed and informative app lets you discover things that the government does not want you to know. Stay in the know, and learn from the experts, the people in the midst of controversy and...

  • City of Warrensville Heights

    City of Warrensville Heights


    Citizens Connect is the City of Warrensville's award-winning effort to empower residents to be the City's "eyes and ears." Now you can alert the City of Warrensville to neighborhood issues such as potholes, damaged signs, and graffiti. To start reporting, download the app,...

  • Crazy Horse Club

    Crazy Horse Club


    Life is all about decisions when it comes to nightlife in Cleveland the Crazy Horse Club App is the preeminent choice! The Crazy Horse Club app is like no other Adult Genre app out; we created an easy to use application that maintains the dignity and pride of character that eliminate the...

  • Blakes Supper Club

    Blakes Supper Club


    Download the Blakes Supper Club App to access Cleveland’s most exclusive events, specials, using built-in GPS and directions, photo sharing, check-in, discussions, menus, and so much more! Set in a land marked by 1930's Art Deco bank buildings, Blakes Supper Club offers a refreshing...

  • Austin Carr's Scavenger Hunt

    Austin Carr's Scavenger Hunt




    Discover the hidden gems of “The Q” Arena using the Austin Carr Scavenger Hunt app! Cavs fans and other guests of the Quicken Loans Arena (affectionately referred to as “The Q”) like to enjoy food and purchase merchandise during events. We all know that food and merchandise in any entertainment...

  • Drew's Baseball App

    Drew's Baseball App


    This app was created to keep track of Drew's progress in baseball and keep his family up to date with his stats and pictures.

  • Sin City Art Gallery

    Sin City Art Gallery


    A contemporary fine art gallery located in the heart of the 18b Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas. The gallery is recognized as one of the best 25 galleries in America for its sophisticated and provocative art portfolio by local and international artists.

  • Duke's Demo

    Duke's Demo


    This is a demo for my buddy Doug.

  • Hawa Transportation

    Hawa Transportation


    Hawa Transportation, we obsess about serving you better than the competition. Whatever your circumstances, we go out of our way to deliver more by anticipating your needs and doing all in our power to make it happen. Our professional team is dedicated to the success of your mission and will...

  • City Crawler

    City Crawler


    If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to party, look no further than CityCrawler! As the ultimate party bus experience in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, there is no better way to relax and have a good time. Offering a wide variety of services and customized private...

  • King Of Stars Clothing

    King Of Stars Clothing




    Formally the well-known DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) brand All Stars clothing, King Of Stars Clothing was created with the vision of establishing a greater separation from other brands in the fashion industry. Were accomplishing this by using the highest quality materials in the United States...

  • I Am Triggy

    I Am Triggy


    With artists rising on the hip-hop scene, it is easy to let one go unnoticed. HIP Video Promo introduces an artist that in fact won’t go unnoticed—I Am Triggy. True Stories Productions presents an individual who makes clear statements through the art of music with classical rap elements and...

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