Rodrigo Damazio

  • Locale Remote Notifier Plug-in




    This is a Locale/Tasker plugin which sends notifications to be shown on your desktop over Wifi, 3G or bluetooth using Android Remote Notifier. IMPORTANT: You must have both Tasker (or Locale) and Remote Notifier installed for this to work. Both are available from the Android Market.

  • Remote Notifier for Android




    See phone notifications, such as phone ring, SMS and low battery, on the screen of your Mac, Linux or Windows desktop. Useful, for instance, to not miss calls when using headphones. See for instructions and desktop downloads. v0.2.8 adds encryption and...

  • Lock Pattern Strength




    This app measures the strength of your lock screen pattern. NOTE: It does not read or change the lock pattern you have currently set on your device, it simply measures the strength of any pattern you draw to it.

  • BHTrans Cameras




    This application displays images from traffic cameras in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. You can pick the camera you wish to see from a list or a map, or you can just ask for the camera closest to you.

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