• Kancil Parody - Episode 2




    Have you heard the story about a little mouse-deer who deceive a bunch of crocodile? Read this, and maybe, just maybe, you will have a different point of view about that classic fairy-tales. What? You dont trust me? Then, download it, and prove it by yourself.

  • Kancil Parody - Episode 1




    There is a reason why Kiky si kancil (mouse-deer) have a scar on his face. No, he is not Harry Potter nor Kenshin Himura's pet. He is the one and only, mouse-deer knight in the world! Read the story! It's fantastic, dramatic, tragedic, aerodynamic, mathematic... err, just read it ok....

  • Kancil Parody - Episode 3




    The third episode of Kancil Parody series. Are you still believe if the mouse-deer is the one who steal a cucumbers in a farm? The current fact is, the mouse-deer doesnt really like a cucumber. So, if it doesnt like it, why it is want it to steal it? Read this amazing story, and share it with...

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