Roger Li

  • L Light Wear


    Simple and easy app to use your Android Wear watch screen as a torch. ### This App is for Android Wear. There is no icon on your handheld device. ###

  • L Street Map




    L Street Map is a re-designed version of L Map (hk.lookfor.lmap). It is written in native app way to provide better user experience. It shows street view with your Android device in a more user friendly layout. You can browse street view (panorama view) and map view directly at the same time on...

  • L Price Checker




    L Price Checker, a convenient tool to collect product price you have ever seen while shopping. Easy to compare prices and choose the best buy product. Features: - automatically calculate the price per unit. - voice to text input. - sorting by price, name or date. - auto save. - text field to jot...

  • 頂!




    工作OT無處發洩? 心情很差又不想在FB公告天下? 街上看到令人討厭的事又怕俾人打? 在這裏以匿名方式呻一呻,鬧一鬧,釋放怨氣吧! 注意: 請不要太粗俗啊! Tags: HK, TW , Hong Kong, Taiwan, 香港, 台灣, 免費,...

  • Get Text




    Temporarily save text on cloud and easily get the text on Android device or any other device with internet browser. Simply turns text into a 3-digit code. Easy to remember to retrieve the text. Tag: HK, Hong Kong, free tool, data transfer, cross platform

  • L Donate


    This application is only for those who want to thank the developer of LookForHK ( team. This application does nothing. If you donate, DO NOT uninstall the application until after 15 minutes. You can use other applications developed by Roger Li, co-founder of LookForHK, free and...

  • L麻雀數




    正準備打麻雀時才發覺遺失了幾個籌碼? 用紙筆集數又怕計錯數? 次次食糊識數番時又唔知收幾錢? 呢隻"L麻雀數"就啱你啦! 簡單易用,唔駛我教都識用。入錯數仲可以立即返回上一記錄! 小提示: 在主頁長按[Player ?]可更改名稱。 註: 現時預設計算方法為五一,半辣上,全銃,一番起糊,最大十番. 1番 出銃$2 自摸位位$1 2番 出銃$4 自摸位位$2 3番 出銃$8 自摸位位$4 4番 出銃$16 自摸位位$8 5番 出銃$24 自摸位位$12 6番 出銃$32 自摸位位$16 7番 出銃$48 自摸位位$24 8番 出銃$64 自摸位位$32 Tag:...

  • L Map




    L Map, replacing "L Street View", lets your mobile device show maps in a better way by dividing screen into map view and street view. It also shows the Pegman facing to the direction on the map and updates together with the street view. This is an original web application and it is...

  • L Product Catalog lite




    Step 1) Prepare CSV file with your product information Step 2) Import the CSV with this app Step 3) Copy the product images into mobile You can bring along with your mobile device as a product catalog now then! Lite version limits the CSV file containing max 6 columns. For further information...

  • L Voice Box Ex




    *L Voice Box Ex is a special edition prepared for Android 1.5, features are same to L Voice Box, please install L Voice Box instead* Record and share voice to your friends. *Latest version 0.1.1 Please report if you got error,THX! ***This is a very BETA version, every comment is welcome!***

  • L Time Logger




    ***We are rewriting this App with new feature. Coming soon*** ***Please download and try L Time Logger Cloud. It is in beta version*** Always forget how long it takes to do something or go somewhere? With L Time Logger, you can log the beginning and finishing time about any events. Comments and...

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