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install on SD card supported now! Your team are the best anti-terrorist unit in US, you got a NEW mission! A group of terrorists has broken into railway station, even taken some innocent passengers as their hostages. You need to clear all the terrorists as this mission. Calm yourself, and enjoy it~!

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Get Baby

Get Baby is the very useful tool for woman who want to get pregnancy. It can help the woman try to conceive, or increase the opportunities to get pregnant, you can predict that day you maybe have baby or not. Get Baby will tell you which day you could have baby (maybe baby) if you have intimate that day, Get Baby will indicate your baby is a girl…

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Sketch Me

This is a simple , fun Android application that lets you convert your images and photos into sketch,crayon or oil paint by applying a special image effect. The most entertaining photography app in Market. Best of all, it is totally free! Point & shoot from Android camera, and see the Photoshop effects right through your device camera after you…

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Download Save The Bird Save The Bird icon
Save The Bird

***Tap the screen to shoot*** ***Target is let the apple besides the bird*** One of the best Android action game, full of intellectual challenge. Dish out the red or yellow apples to feed the starving birds, Use the catapult to toss the apples to the stuck birds, after the birds have the apples, they have the energe again, then can fly away.…

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Download Unblock Lego free Unblock Lego free icon
Unblock Lego free

3000 levels are totlaly FREE!The most valuable addictive puzzle game in Android Market. Unblock Lego free is simple and addictive. The goal is to get the red block lego out of the board by sliding the other lego blocks out of it's way.

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Download Bamboo Ninja Bamboo Ninja icon
Bamboo Ninja

Bamboo Ninja You are the Ninja, Flying in the Bamboo forest to escape the chasing of your enemy. You need control your ropes which help you to fly, touch on a bamboo to throw your rope there, touch once again to release it and use your acceleration to fly through the bamboo forest . Touch again once you come too near to the ground before your br…

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Download Drummer Drummer icon

Drummer is quite simple and easy free Android APP,can mimic as many as 29 species of drum sounds, even you can compose sounds as your ringtones. You can be an expert for your band! Even you can record and playback your own drummer sound. How to use: To record AND stop: Press "Record button" to record, press "play" to play T…

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Download Find Suspect Find Suspect icon
Find Suspect

Can you remember the criminal's face at a glance? you are not the lawyer, but you need to point out who is the criminal. A number of suspects who violate the law will be shown to you. After a short time period some suspects will be covered up, you need to remember who the suspect is and pick up the correct face 12032220

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Download Fortune ball Fortune ball icon
Fortune ball

Shake your Android phone and your fortune appears! Daily fortune, Friendship fortune, 2011 new year fortune, Tarot fortune, Love fortune, Interpreting a dream, or any other problem you may met... Taking the original concept even further, now you can add, change, and delete your own Lucky messages. features: Add the fortune messages just for yo…

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Download Fart Trap Fart Trap icon
Fart Trap

Make fun of your friends and family with the Fart Trap!! Prank a friend as they move the phone or 10 seconds later and make them jump with laughter!! Loud Farts, Squeeky Farts, Wet Farts,Explosive Farts, and more fun farts list. With different fart sounds each time when you move phone or 10 seconds later to set as a ringtone, notification or al…

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