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    Award Winning Security Protection APP for Antitheft, Antivirus and Clean AirCover Security protects your Android devices from viruses, malware and other threats, with anti-virus, calls and text blocker, anti-surveillance, and other security features! Recommended by top Android authorities:...

  • Letter Land Mahjong2 (AYPLUS)

    Letter Land Mahjong2 (AYPLUS)




    Letter Land Mahjong 2 is a fun and relaxing way to play mahjong solitaire while learning English letter and number recognition and pronunciation at the same time! All of the letters and numbers are designed with a happy pastel colored theme and then placed on light wooden tiles. The wooden tiles...

  • ABC Coloring Town for AYPLUS

    ABC Coloring Town for AYPLUS


    == New Features powered by AYPLUS == 1. Facebook login 2. Share painting with friends ABC Coloring Town Free is an interactive coloring game like you have never seen before! You are automatically moved through a wonderfully designed little fantasy village that has 6 houses. Each house has a...

  • KUSO Panda

    KUSO Panda




    KUSO PANDA is a puzzle game (Jigsaw) that designs a series of lovely panda related pictures and paintings. There is a famous panda body born in Taipei Zoo last year. Taiwanese love to visit Zoo to get in touch with panda body because she's so cute. KUSO PANDA having Creative Panda Theme...

  • Vietnam Battle

    Vietnam Battle




    Clenched your weapons, we have to be bogged down in the battlefield. Few years after the war, when in the world already forgotten World War painful years of silence, the Red Army again launched an attack, this time they gathered in secret on the island, a sober reminder to those who have not too...

  • Loulan Joan

    Loulan Joan




    New story comes up! [Instructions] (1) The direction keys or numeric keys 2/4/6/8: Select / Move (2) the launch button to the right or the numeric keys: option confirm / dialogue (3) the middle of the left soft key: look at the system menu (4) in the system menu: press the arrow keys to select...

  • The hilarious Three Kingdoms

    The hilarious Three Kingdoms




    RPG Master Title!! A fun story from Three Kingdoms. It's a unique game successfully transformed Three Kingdoms story into jokes abound and hilarious! [Instructions] (1) Move / options: the left side of the arrow keys or 8/2/4/6 number keys (2) option to confirm / dialogue: Press the key or...

  • Food God

    Food God




    Want to be king of cusine, make impressive food with a loving heart. Moreover to fall in love with cusine. Xiao Guang meets a girl who is restaurant owner. Xiao Guang works in restaurant and fell in love with the girl. To rescue restaurant, Xiao Guang goes forward to participate cooking...

  • Qin Shi Huangdi Secret

    Qin Shi Huangdi Secret




    Qin Shi Huangdi is coming! You will experience young Qin Shi Huang how he faces the enemies and open up his own Qin emperor. The new battle system evolutes and experiences extremely fun , beautiful motions; New achievements system make you want to move up level again and again....

  • Sword Zhanlu

    Sword Zhanlu




    The swordsmith Zhanlu dominate the martial arts!It's said that Zhanlu can eliminate war. But before that, it will bring a war on Wulin. [Operating Instructions] (1) the middle of the left soft key: enter the game menu (2) the arrow keys or the number keys 2/4/6/8: / right / left / (3) the...

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