Roman Langrehr

  • Random Generator




    You can't decide between two things? You and your siblings are fighting, because of the last piece of cake? No Problem! This app selects a person/option/thing by lot. When you want, for example, a chance from 2:1, just enter in two textfields the same thing. Press the little plus at the...

  • GPS Coordinates Converter




    In this app you can convert GPS coordinates from "degrees, minutes, decimal seconds" to "degrees, decimal minutes" and "decimal degrees".(And the other way round.) You can also locate your phone and read / convert the coordinates. This is usefull, because many...

  • Electric Tangram




    Electric Tangram is a Brain & Puzzle-Game, where you have to finish an electric circuit. The goal is to make the light bulb glow and fill all the gaps (like in Classic Tangram). (But you don't need to connect all tiles!) Control: Move a tile from the lower part of the screen in the...

  • Report Forecast (for School)




    This app is made for students/pupils. With this app you can save all grades/marks you get and the app calculates your report. Handling: With "+" button you can add subjects. With the small "+" button next to a subject you can add grades/marks. With the "X" you can...

  • Quadratic Equations




    This app solves quadratic equations (ax²+bx+c=0), so you get the points where y=0. When you write in the first box a 0, you can also get the zero points of a linear equation. When the checkbox in menu-> Settings is checked, you also get complex numbers as results. When you want an older...

  • Linear Equations




    This app calculates from the coordiantes of two points the equation of a line. Enter the coordinates in the fields and tap the button to get the equation "mx+n".

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