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Unsub Quote for Criminal Minds

Almost every Criminal Minds episode contains one or more classic quotes, now you can easily read and share these quotes with the World. Quotes in English, German and now Italian! Share quotes with the World, through Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, G+ or any other sharing capable App. View by: Author. Character. Season. Episode. Random quote.

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Philosophy Quotes, Philosophos

Great philosophy quotes from the worlds greatest Philosophers. Share to Instagram, Facebook and anywhere else

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Hitch (Hitchens Quotes)

Dedicated to the Great Christopher Hitchens 1949 - 2011. A collection of quotes from a great man. Made in a bit of a hurry so improvements are coming soon, all suggestions are welcome, please use the email and not the comments section if you expect to hear back from me.

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Download Winston Churchill Quotes Winston Churchill Quotes icon
Winston Churchill Quotes

A collection of quotes from Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill. (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) Features: Full Search. Speech audio clips. Share to Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else! In a 2002 BBC poll of the "100 Greatest Britons", he was proclaimed "The Greatest of Them All" based on approximately a million votes f…

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Download Live Map US Elections 2016 Live Map US Elections 2016 icon
Live Map US Elections 2016

Get Live election results with a country map that updates live as the results come in. Presidential Electoral Map. Live updating as soon as results are announced by any network. Color coded by state winner. Result summary for each state indicating winner and which major news networks have called the state. Follow #Elections2016 on twitter from wi…

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Port Numbers

Port Numbers. Contains over 1000 port numbers and the applications which commonly use them. It indicates the transport protocol used by the application. If the Port/application combination is registered with IANA. The descriptions are fully searchable for easy browsing.

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Lightning Meter

Lightning Meter helps you calculate the distance between you and a lightning strike. It does this by using the difference between the speed of sound and light. This is not a safety device. Use at own risk!

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Download Tanzania Car Import Calculator Tanzania Car Import Calculator icon
Tanzania Car Import Calculator

Helps you calculate the import duty and taxes when you want to import a car into Tanzania. Currently works for non-utility vehicles only. Based on Version 19 of the government spreadsheet. THIS APP HAS NO OFFICIAL AFFILIATION WITH THE TANZANIA REVENUE AUTHORITY!! PLEASE CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL BEFORE MAKING ANY FINANCIAL DECISIONS!!

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Download A to Z Phonetic Alphabet A to Z Phonetic Alphabet icon
A to Z Phonetic Alphabet

The NATO Phonetic alphabet with AUDIO, also converts text to phonetic audio and words. Perfect for air cadets!

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Tip Master Tip Calculator

Tip Master helps you quickly and easily calculate the right tip amount and split it among any number of people, with an easy to use interface you will be on your way to tip mastery in no time. Features include: Bill splitting! Rounding options and customizable Quick Tip radio buttons for easy tip percentage selection. Figuring out the gratuity…

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