• Taiwan Basic Income Tax




    This app provides simple, offline, and quick calculation for personal or family income tax in Taiwan (Republic of China, R.O.C)

  • Adjust SD Speed




    Adjust and Boost Your SD Buffered Read/Write Throughput Performance. **REQUIREMENT** Rooted Phone and Root Privilege are Required Because This App Need to Change the Kernel Parameter of Your System. Android OS and devices have many variations, it's not possible to test in all platforms. If...

  • 1+ Power Save Setting




    One More Power Save (1+ Power Save Setting) LITE Version It is an simple and easy to use utility for adjusting your GPRS/3G connectivity and set Wifi sleep policy. This helps you to save battery power. Also it can turn on mobile data link for a while every certain period to receive and update...

  • A Timed Brightness




    An application or a widget to quick change the LCD screen brightness level. You can add the widget to your home screen to quickly adjust your LCD brightness. In additional, there is a special brightness scheduler built-in. You can schedule the brightness to be set at the specific time. For the...

  • Adjust SD Speed Pro




    This is the PRO version of Adjust SD Speed. It features AD-free and more buffer size for setting and benchmark. Please evaluate its full functionality in FREE version Adjust SD Speed here, You can try the FREE version...

  • Auto Backlight Disabler




    ** Rooted mobile phones/devices are required ** Your mobile devices may have light sensors and can automatically change your LCD brightness according to the ambient light level. However, the automatic setting can not be toggled to disable. With some buggy algorithm, the LCD brightness could...

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