• SaleCalc - Sale Calculator




    Have you ever been out shopping and wondered what the sale price of an item would be? This is just the app for you! SaleCalc will take the price of an item, the sale percentage, an optional additional sale percentage, and the tax rate. In return you will be able to see the price of the item with...

  • TipCalc TipCalculator/Splitter




    This is a very fast and convenient tip calculator. You will never have to guess what you should tip while out on the town again! Features in this application include the ability to split the check between a group of people, change the percentage of tip to give, and round the total up or down...

  • MileTrack - Mileage Tracker




    Track your gas mileage, gallons per fill-up, miles until oil change or other maintenance, and gas price all in one easy to use application, it's MileTrack! This FREE app contains NO ADS! This mileage tracker will record and calculate the miles driven, gallons purchased, date of purchase,...

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