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Task Tracker for Salesforce

NOTE: You need Salesforce.com Login Account with Task Tracker App Installed in your ORG in order to use this Mobile version of the App. Mobile Enabled, Gameified and Simple Drag/Drop Interface. Admin controlled Gameification settings for tracking productivity Leaders Utilize our ✓Simple and ✓Easy to use Agility App. Task Tracker helps you to contr…

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Download Plants Plants icon

Plants App brings to you the Atlas / Encyclopedia of Trees around the world. It is a great Encyclopedia and Quiz Solver for trees lovers, education reference - Get visual insights into mostly ALL existing TREES on this planet earth with over 500,000 text characters of detailed information. This App is a great pocket handbook for students or anyone…

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Download Color Skeletal Anatomy Color Skeletal Anatomy icon
Color Skeletal Anatomy

How about making learning with a touch of colors? Skeletal Anatomy appears very GREY to you? So how about adding some nice colorful 3D like touch to the learning of skeletal anatomy with good amount of insights. Color Skeletal system is your ONE STOP GUIDE App that gives detailed visual insights into 50+ Skeletal parts with over 100,000 text chara…

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Download Visual Body Anatomy Visual Body Anatomy icon
Visual Body Anatomy

3D-like insightful VISUAL into 400+ Human Inner Body Organs with over 1,000,000 text characters of detailed information. This App is a MUST HAVE pocket reference for students or anyone interested to learn full human body organ parts and their functions! Detailed Anatomy available in following areas: * Brain Anatomy * Ear Anatomy * Eye Anatomy…

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Download Exotic Spa Music Tunes Exotic Spa Music Tunes icon
Exotic Spa Music Tunes

Ideal for home SPA, Personal SPA, home bath and lot more ways to lavish our SPECIALLY created 20+ AMAZING soothing, relaxing, meditational,sensual,exotic music loop! Our App is designed for you to enjoy EVERY MOMENT of your relaxation using our EXCLUSIVELY AMAZING Musical Loops OR challenge you to get CREATIVE and define your own music that helps…

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Download Recipe Geek Recipe Geek icon
Recipe Geek

Pictures say 1000 times more than words.. Checkout our App SCREENSHOTS to know our TRULY EXCLUSIVE featured Recipe App for all the Recipe lovers,learners and cooks of the world! Over 7,000+ RECIPES with images for you to LEARN, TRY, SHARE & MORE! Our App is one of the best RECIPE'S App that provides STEP by STEP details on over 7,000+ Rec…

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Download Millionomics Millionomics icon

It is the true story of a common man’s journey to becoming a millionaire after his arrival in the United States—the story of a man who started from ground up to gain financial freedom in a new land. This App contains an interactive book that is short and practical volume about living well and saving smartly. Additionally, the App provides LOTS of c…

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