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Gunma's Ambition

Gumma prefecture is a region of Japan. -If you gather crops (leeks, konjac and cabbages), you can get G(GUMMA). -The crops will appear for definite period of time. Even if you gather, they will appear again after a certain amount of time, which makes you feel ease. -If you raise Lv of crops, sometimes you will get more G(GUMMA) when you gather cro…

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This application is action puzzle game. Simple match-3 puzzle! Flick the adjoined blocks to exchange and make the block match. Blocks are erased from 3. The more blocks are erased simultaneously, the higher score you get!! -Mode- Easy Normal(Easy cleared) Hard(Normal cleared) One Two(Easy cleared) Fire(Two cleared)

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Spider Solitaire

"Spider Solitaire" is a card game to create stacks of cards with few moves.You will make 8 sets of stacks of A through K. * Records the number of times you have played and scored! 10 columns of cards will be provided facing down.The cards at the bottom will be facing up. The rest will be placed at bottom right corner of the table as a s…

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Escalator…? Elevator…? Escalator, elevator, and which this? Look at the picture of the elevator or escalator, or apply the name of each letter of the elevator or escalator, or apply a picture to determine the escalator or elevator anyway.

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Solitaire (Klondike)

Klondike, so-called solitaire, is the game using cards; the aim of this game is to the organize and put cards with the same marks, in the order of A through K on the table. Cards are distributed with 7 rows in the shape of stairs, upside down, and only each card in the lowest positon of the rows faces front. Rest of the cards not in the rows are…

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"CARD COLLECT" is a game where you enjoy collecting many cards as possible. In this game you use "imagites" to buy cards. The container at the bottom of the main screen keeps accumulating imagites. If you tap the container, it shows how many imagites you can use to purchase imagtes. You can buy cards per pack by collecting ca…

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Bahamut & Poker

“Bahamut&Poker” is a game in which a player as Mr.Bahamut, a main character, beat enemies and train himself. [ MISSSION ] "MISSION" is the mode which beats the enemy! You get a Bahamut cards and Bahamut coins. Operation is easy. Push “Start” button, and count starts! Wait until the displayed count gets just zero, then push “Shoot!…

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"Pentomino" is a board game in which players build a big rectangular figure by combining 12 pieces of varying shapes. There are 2339 resolutions overall! Let's try all patterns! In order to rotate/reverse a piece, click the rotation/reverse button while holding the piece. * Normall It's the level in which you can freely arra…

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By flicking the same blocks, and arranging three or more vertically or horizontally eliminate the blocks. Score is incremented by continuous eliminating them. Since the block can be moved even while off, trying to erase more and more! To chain a lot, aim for the high score! * Easy ・one-minute mode, etc. with many modes! If you clear each mode thr…

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"Pyramid" is a card game where players make pairs of cards, creating a sum of 13 or 14. In "Close Mode", cards are places faced down, while in "Open mode", cards are places faced up. The first row has 1 card, second row has 2 cards and so on, till the seventh row with 7 cards. Note: Even in "Close mode", the…

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