Run And Gun Free Android Games

  • Santas Christmas Gift Joy Ride




    Santa Claus (aka Father Christmas) is a busy man this time of year. Lots of gifts to make, places to fly, and finding out which kids have been naughty or nice; he's got his hands full. With children all around the world eager to see their Christmas presents he needs help from his reindeer to...

  • PLAYCADE 10 Mini Kill Time




    Kill vampire bat's, fly jet's, destroy cars, slice jelly, shoot pool and more. Playcade: 10 Mini Kill Time Games In 1, is an arcade experience in the palm of your hand. Swipe through the game list and tap to play. No need for extra downloads, all the games are already there. An amazing...

  • SniperXXX 3D Sniper Shooter Ki




    SniperXXX : 3D Sniper Shooter Kill A killer sniper game. Blow off some zombie heads in this scope shooter. UPDATE: Mission Mode added. Play though challenges in different parts of the level. Defend the humans, kill waves of zombies, earn cash, and always watch your back. ★ Amazing bullet follow...

  • Kill Your Bf Fall : SNUX 2




    It's time for a ragdoll death adventure !! Blast the stick man around the screen, break him on spikes, or smash him on the spinning saw's. There is just one goal, cause as much pain as you can to your stickman. He can't dodge his fate muuuaahhh haha :D FEATURES - Great ragdoll...

  • Shoot The Zombie Head Net Shot




    Ka-boom!!! Time to kill it at free throws and 3 point shots. FEATURES ★ Play basketball shooting with a zombie head instead of a ball. ★ Great natural physics. ★ Simple controls. Just drag and let go to shoot. Follow the guide line. ★ Save your top score and challenge your friends to beat it. ★...

  • NINZ - Tiny Ninja Kill Hardest




    Can you survive the mini ninja warrior test? Combat task after task and be on the edge of your seat in NINZ : Tiny Ninja Kill. The world's hardest survival game ever. Each mini task will kill you dead or push you to stay alive longer. Be calm, take your time, and don't be clumsy. Good...

  • Kill Your Bf Pinball : SNUX 3




    ★ Throw the stick man around the pinball machine and cause him pain. ★ Get revenge against all the cheating boyfriends in this 3rd SNUX game. ★ Super funny and painful ragdoll physics with blood splat's flying everywhere. ★ Everyone knows pinball and so it's easy to pick up and play. Get...

  • Kill The Night Diamond Thief




    KILL THE NIGHT DIAMOND THIEF FREDDY Help freddy ninja on the run after stealing the diamond from the bank. The only way out is up and you have a red hot laser chasing you up the tower in the night. Escape it and all the spikes as you jump. Tap the screen to jump and hold the screen to jump...

  • KILL YOUR BF Death Of Stickman




    Ever wanted to kill your man for cheating? Well now you get the chance for revenge. Kill your man good and cause as much pain as possible. Watch his body turn in to a ragdoll as you shoot him with arrows, crush him with a weight, and impale him on a bed of spikes. The bigger the pain the bigger...

  • SHOOT THE CROTCH : Arrow Man




    Ever wanted to kill your boyfriend for cheating on your you? Well now you get the chance in the most painful way; by shooting him in the crotch with an arrow. That's right, it's time to bring the pain in SHOOT THE CROTCH : Arrow Man. WHAT PEOPLE THINK ★★★★★ "Iol this is funny. its...

  • BISCUIT MAKER : Dunkin Factory




    Dunk the biscuit's like a master chef in BISCUIT MAKER : Dunkin Factory. It's a recipe for fun for people who loves biscuits, donut's, and cake goodness in tea or coffee, ahh yum yum!! Help the factory keep dunkin as many chocolate biscuits in time. Things heat up as they fall faster...

  • Stay In The Tank : Inside Line




    Download it today for free STAY IN THE TANK : INSIDE ENEMY LINE. Enemy forces are swarming across our border, and their disreputable fleet is everywhere. Select your armored killing machine, modify and upgrade it to get an advantage over the enemy, and hurry to the front lines to crush him! Take...

  • OMG My Toilet Time Is On TV




    Download it today for free: OMG My Toilet Time Is On TV.

  • Wrong Way Dodge : 100 Soccer




    Ever tried to dodge the balls in soccer? Sounds funny huh! This game will make you to dodge the balls instead of playing with them. If you love challenging games then you should try this. Just move your silver ball to dodge the footballs racing around. If you hit the ball then it’s a foul and...

  • Eco Knight : Tractor Rival




    Save the world from destruction one tree at a time and be a hero in Eco Knight : Tractor Rival. Amazing, addictive tap game play that kids and adults can pick up no problem. Take in some of the most relaxing music in a game ever, earn coins for saving trees, and battle in 2 player mode. REVIEWS...

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