Run And Gun Free Android Games

  • Kill The Bad Stickman Bf's




    Time to kill them bad stickman boyfriend's. Ever wanted to get revenge on all the playboy's out there. Well now you can girlfriend ;) Shoot them guy's with your oozy as they go for the kiss. Experience level after level of hot gun revenge action and win one for broken heart girls...

  • SniperXXX 3D Sniper Shooter Ki




    SniperXXX : 3D Sniper Shooter Kill A killer sniper game. Blow off some zombie heads in this scope shooter. UPDATE: Mission Mode added. Play though challenges in different parts of the level. Defend the humans, kill waves of zombies, earn cash, and always watch your back. ★ Amazing bullet follow...

  • YOU ESCAPE 2 : 4 In 1 Game Pac




    4 retro style games in 1 pack. - YOU ESCAPE SOMETIMES 2 (drag your way through 7 world's) - KILL THE BAD GUY PIXELS (a mario style shooting platformer) - GEOMETRY HERO JUMP (an on-the-rails 2D platformer) - GRAVITY RUN (flip gravity, jump to the ceiling, and keep the man alive). FEATURES -...

  • Kill The Ragdoll Stickman Boss




    Get your revenge and kill the bad guy boss by pushing him off the tower. Break him like a stickman and get as many pain points as you can. Funny bone cracking sounds, great dummy dismount physics, and heaps of fun. Just tap the 2 push buttons to choose the power, and tap button 3 to start,...

  • Kill It At Stickman Golf


    It's time to kill it at stickman golf and go the distance. Hold down to make the guy aim, and let go to flick the ball up the green. Download it now and be the boss at the beautiful game.

  • PLAYCADE Many Games In 1




    New game this week: Kill The Dummy High Dummy Monster. Lots of games in a single app. - Kill The Vampire Bats. - Doodle Stickman Racing. - Rush Hour Maniac. - Retro Jet Joy Ride and more. Download it now and keep it updated each week for a new game.

  • Kill The Ragdoll Stickman Dism




    Kill The Ragdoll : Stickman Dismount. A pain game with realistic physics. Give the stickman as much pain as you can by throwing him down stairs, from towers, out of a plane, into compactor machines, in front of turbo cars, and even a train. Play god as you boss him around. Amazing addicting fun....

  • Kill The High Dummy Monster 1




    Don't let them bite your fingers. Dodge the danger, kill them high, and get as far as you can in this addicting super casual game. Mmm it's lunch time for monsters, lets see if we can change that.

  • Kill The Bad Stickman Boss 1




    Kill that boss with a gun, rocket launcher, samurai sword and more. Great fun :) Get your revenge on all the bad guy boss out there and slap them around. Give as many pain points as you can in 30 seconds and teach that dummy a lesson.

  • Retro Jet Joy Ride 2 - Flying




    DOWNLOAD IT NOW WHILE ITS FREE - Retro Jet Joy Ride 2 It's time to hold your breath, pack yourself in, and be the dear devil pilot you always dream of being. Take control as you loop, flip, dodge and retry your way to the landing zone. A retry style stunt plane flying game with bag's of...

  • Doodle Stick Bike Racing 2




    DOWNLOAD NOW WHILE ITS FREE. XM2 : Doodle Stick Bike Racing 2 - Now with single play and online multiplayer mode (race against rivals or friends online). - An amazing stickman motocross / bmx stunt game. - Ride around loops, fly over mega jumps and spikes, bounce on bouncy roads and more. -...

  • Can You Live For 60 Seconds 2




    DOWNLOAD IT NOW WHILE IT'S FREE! Simple, Elegant, Beautiful. Can You Live For 60 Seconds 2 is the sequel to the addictive hit game on android and iOS. Simply dodge the falling blocks by moving left and right. Once you reach the time limit you move to the next level. With gorgeously simple...

  • DUMB STICKMAN 3 Kill Him Dash




    Help your dumb stickman run the note pad levels of madness and live to see another day. He's under attack from spikes, saw's, bullets, guards and more. He has only one power in his hands, the ability to change gravity and backflip to the ceiling. Awesome power :) Backflip past spikes,...

  • NEOCAR Traffic Racing Car Dash




    Download it now for free. An amazing puzzle traffic game to test your brain. Dodge the traffic in your glowing neon cars and collect all the stars. Pass each level and speed on to the next one. FEATURES - Addictive puzzle style game play. - Lots of level to play through. - Glow neon art work and...

  • Pop The Fruit 2: Puzzle Bubble




    Pop The Fruit 2 : Puzzle Bubble - The top jungle safari shooter game is here. Line them up and boom away, this is match 3 fun mania. An adventure which is huge fun for kids and adults ! FEATURES ★ Classic shooter rules with a new puzzle twist. ★ Dash through a jungle safari paradise and collect...

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