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  • Skeet Shooter 3D




    You will enjoy the most exciting and relaxing every moments of playing skeet shooting 3D game, have a sensation of the real skeet shooting sport. Skeets are going to be thrown from the left and right at the bottom of the screen in different directions and speeds. Try to do your best to shoot them...

  • Fruit Picking




    Do you like ripe, succulent fruits and want to pick them by your own hands? Let’s enjoy the Fruit Picking. There are a lot of fresh fruits in the garden. Let's harvest them before they drop down. Gaining ripe fruits continuously (combo) will give you extra bonus points and earn special items....

  • Turtle Run




    Would you like to adventure with the little turtle on a journey to find his family on your smartphone? Let’s enjoy the “Turtle Run” game!! The story is about a poor little turtle does not see his mom and brothers when he wakes up. Let’s help him run from the seashore to find the way to the blue...

  • Island Defense




    Protect the Island game is now available for free ! The game is designed for protecting the island from enemy. During the game, you are in a role of a commander whose mission is to protect the island from being invaded by enemy's battle ships. Enemy is crowded and never give up, so you have...

  • Na tra cứu mẹ (Legend of Kage)




    Natra cứu mẹ (Legend of Kage) là một trong số những game điện tử & hành động nổi tiếng nhất vào những năm 1980. Game thu hút được hàng triệu người chơi trên toàn thế giới. Được đánh giá là game cực kỳ hấp dẫn thời kỳ đó. Tuy nhiên, dường như bị lãng quên trên các thiết bị di động đang phát...

  • ミライルーペAR




    「ミライルーペAR」は、Androidを通し、AR(拡張現実) の世界に触れる事ができる、無料のアプリケーションです。 対応する画像をAndroidでかざす事により、動画や3D CG、関連画像やサイトへのリンク、音声の再生など、様々 な映像表現を楽しむことが可能です。 ◇使用方法 ・「ミライルーペAR」を起動し、対応する画像にAndroid端末 をかざしてみましょう。Androidの中でARコンテンツが 再生されます。 ・起動時に画面をダブルタップすると、画像にかざし続けな くても、ARコンテンツを中断する事なくお楽しみ頂けます。 ◇対応画像...

  • Camera puzzle




    Camera puzzle is published with new additional features make it more interesting than ever that is you can solves all your own puzzles pieces. You could select picture from Gallery or take directly from your camera. Sortgame will automatically cut and arrange these picture into puzzles...

  • Fish Hunter




    It’s time to harvest your fish pond, using your basket to collected all this stubborn fishes.Becareful with angry fish because they can give you some dangerous. Please using special basket when you’ve got trouble.You also decorate your pond by many adorable things in our shop. -Feature : o...

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